Tyrrinan Kaetheral

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Player character
Pale Amber


Human Form:
Tyrrinan has always had a youthful-looking face that's almost always plastered with a warm, friendly smile, though he's started to mature a bit. He has scars on his face-- over his right cheek is a soft, vertical scar, and on his left are three horizontal ones. They don't seem to detract too much from the brightness of his pale amber eyes or the fullness of his trademark smile, though. Some of the cartilage in Tyr's right ear is missing; it appears to have been torn off.
Those scars are more plentiful and noticeable as you look to the rest of his body, crisscrossing his tanned skin from head to toe. The proper word to describe them all is hundreds, not dozens.
His clothing and armor are always in the best shape that he can manage, all of it usually clean and pressed, and it has special fabrics and chains involved that will be discussed below.
Worgen Form:
Tyrrinan's face isn't as expressive when he's in this form, but his ears are. They move and flicker and you can see if he would be blushing or not by the hue of the insides-- sometimes it's pale, sometimes a deep cherry. His right ear is missing a large portion where the tip would have been, and his eyes glimmer a bit more brightly.
Tyr's fur is soft thanks to constant cleaning, and the scars on his body are less noticeable in this form.
Tyrrinan's armor is fitted with special chainmail that stretches just a tiny bit when he transforms so that he doesn't have to have multiple, multiple sets of it whenever he wants to change forms. If he's wearing casual clothing, it's typically stretched very tightly against body.
Stormwind City
Elwynn Forest

While it is best to leave history for roleplay purposes, the following is a list of facts that are easily found out about Tyrrinan through asking around, or are common knowledge:

  • Tyrrinan prides himself on being a self-made man. He is a miner, engineer, chef, fisherman, doctor, and respected archaeologist.
  • Tyrrinan is an insomniac.
  • Tyrrinan is not Gilnean. He willingly chose to become a worgen.
  • Tyrrinan's parents are both dead.
  • Tyrrinan is the commander of the Azure Phalanx mercenary guild.