Szlik Coinjacker

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Player character
Constantly observing amber
91 cm
19 kg

Pinkish tint hair, amber eyes, mild facial hair and slightly unshaven shadow.  Piercings on his ears and his lip, with no visible scars.  Constantly smiling.

He wears open button-up shirts, suspenders and dress pants, as casual/business wear.  Keeps his chest well shaven.  His skin is olive green.  Defined muscles and strong hands.


Typically quiet and in control, Szlik Coinjacker takes business and trust seriously.  He treats each of his pets well, spoiled and cared for as he believes all pets should be but does not hesitate to put pets or people in their place if they step out of line.  Betrayal warrants death.

He enjoys a very rare cigar, mint flavored gum, and the strongest drink possible.

He smiles even when displeased and angry, never finding a reason to frown or allow himself to appear upset.  He is charismatic and trustworthy, always keeping his word.  He is not beyond begging if the situation calls for it and maintains that pride means knowing when to hide it and when to take it back.

Young and working towards his career, Szlik learned a great many trades and talents but his focus is in engineering and mining.  He is kindhearted towards all but believes in one knowing their place and has never hesitated to kill anyone who steps out of line.  He is open to both men and women for fun but avoids relationships.  Sex is sex, and if it is sex on a regular basis, it is still just sex.

A few years before Deathwing, Szlik took over his Uncle's business, when he was killed.  Though it was rumored that Gallywix had him poisoned, Szlik learned later that it was a ploy by another Goblin Entrepreneur.  He began selling at low cost to - a 198 lb slobbering freak of a goblin with poor taste in pin-stripes and a stench that would make the Forsaken cringe - and Lady Carmella - a cretin with experimental tendencies.  Together, those two began to dabble with genetic transformations and cross-breeding races.  When he tried to purchase one of Lady Carmella's "Exotic Tantilizations" - a Draenei, Blood Elf, and Goblin mix creature named Leehr - in order to gain proof of their doings and report them, he was told his gold was unwelcome.  After Deathwing, the pet was later sold to Yapple and no longer able to be touched.  With the gold from Yapple, Romeo and Lady C, took over Szlik's business by force.

Attempting to plea for help, he tried to speak with Yapple was constantly rejected.  It was when Romeo betrayed Yapple and raped Leehr - Yapple's new lover - that Szlik was given help.  With Lady C and Romeo now in hiding, Szlik was given funding and some man power to rebuild his business as Yapple retired to a large estate somewhere south.

With his cousin's return and new assistance from a Blood Elf pet collector, Szlik is rebuilding his business and taking back his family's pride.

Lindrali Eventide Business partner