Solarine Fairlight

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Player character
Sol, Sola
Blood Elf
Note: Unless otherwise noted in Currently, Solarine almost always has a chubby, black-haired baby girl in an old-fashioned Victorian-esque black baby carriage. 
Solarine could be described as "cute as a button."  She has a cute little button nose, full lips that often have a smile playing across them, and large eyes framed by long, dark lashes. To Human eyes, she appears to be in her early twenties.
Her silky raven hair is thick, shiny, and falls to mid-shoulderblade level. She obviously takes excellent care of it, and sometimes puts it up in beautiful and elaborate styles when called to attend formal events.
Solarine wears one pair of gold and ruby earrings and one small gold hoop halfway up her right ear. A holy symbol - an old relic of the Paladin orders- has been placed on a braided gold chain around her neck. 
Her silky-smooth skin is the colour of sunlit ivory. One scar is present - a fresh, deep slash running from her collarbone to just over her heart. Her lips are lightly glazed with a strawberry tinted balm, and her long eyelashes are accented by a little bit of brown eyeliner. 
Her body is smooth and gracefully curved, like that of a dancer. She is on the shorter side of average for Blood Elf women, but this does not deter her in any way.
Silvermoon City, Bloodsworn Estate
Minor noble heritage, all but forgotten.
Solarine Fairlight was born to Alassien Fairlight, a Farstrider captain, and Liya Fairlight (maiden name Willowbright), an Arcanist-turned-tailor. She had one younger sister named Aliese. She is known to be equally skilled in both Light and Shadow magics, which renders her formidable both as a healer and on the offensive in battle. She is also a reputable Alchemist, and has a healing practice and potion shop in Silvermoon, located between the Farstrider's Square and the Royal Exchange. She exhibited talent in healing magics at age 7, and was allowed to begin training with the Priesthood in her early teens. She resided in Tranquillien, but made the journey to Silvermoon for lessons several days a week. The young Solarine studied music and dance in addition to her healing, and later added courses in alchemy and herbal healing methods.
Around age 70, Solarine began journeying to Lordaeron to study the Light alongside Humans, and later was one of the few Quel'dorei who would work alongside the organizations that would become both the Silver Hand and the Scarlet Crusade. She left the latter group due to their increasing use of violence and coercion in their own order, and returned to Silvermoon.
Shortly thereafter, the Scourge invaded. Solarine is known to have been in the city proper during the invasion, working in triage and attempting to heal the wounded. She speaks very rarely about her experiences during that time, which include an ill-advised excursion to Tranquillien in order to try to save her family.
After the Sunwell was destroyed, Solarine worked tirelessly to aid those affected by magic withdrawal. Her closest friends are aware that she herself never ingested Fel magics, but her eyes carry the green taint due to being in such close proximity to those who did. It is known that she traveled from town to town in Quel'thalas during this time, providing assistance to any who sought it.
When the Sunwell was restored several years later, Solarine returned to service in Silvermoon City, where she has largely remained since, other than short deployments to other lands and on special missions. It was during this time that she sought out training with the Blood Knights, where she became an Initiate under Champion Talaen Wildthorn. Solarine is a quick and agile fighter, preferring speed and magic over brute force. While extremely dangerous if left unchecked, Fairlight does not take hits well when she is unable to dodge or block them, due to her small stature. Her footwork incorporates moves learned in dance classes, which gives her a somewhat unique style of fighting. She is known to prefer plated robes and simple cloth robes over the heavy plate favoured by most Blood Knights, likely also due to her smaller stature. (A note from Master Suldrinar Dawnsorrow resides in Solarine's official records, indicating that she has soundly wiped the floor with him in duels on several occasions.)
Currently, she holds the rank of Master, and has expressed no interest in attaining any higher rank.
Talaen Wildthorn Friend, mentor, instructor.
Illapa Greybane Regent of House Bloodsworn, lover.
Suldrinar Dawnsorrow Considers him her "best" friend.
Julian Sunrest Ex-fiancee.
Aliese Fairlight Sister