Sarythe Dawnblade-Longuard

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Player character
Third War Veteran
Ice Blue

Those who knew Sarythe Dawnblade, whether they knew her when she was alive in Quel'thalas during the Third War, or as the Death Knight she was eventually created to be, would know this woman to be the very same, only she is clearly alive and well.

Her skin is fair, though a soft tan has begun to tint her skin as it reacts to the sunlight for the first time in ages. Her hair has been restored to its auburn red hue and shines beautifully in the sunlight. Her eyes retained their icy blue color, though the haunted glow they once had is now vibrant and alive. Her voice no longer echos like a haunting banshee, and she is warm to the touch as any living being should be.

Some Sin'dorei might be able to tell that she is infact a Quel'dorei, but otherwise nothing seems out of the ordinary about her.

She wears a Flawless Diamond Solitaire paired with a white gold wedding band on her left hand. Clearly she is married!

Alignment: Neutral Good
Serpent's Overlook, Jade Forrest, Pandaria
House Dawnblade

Once a Quel'dorei equivalent of a Blood Knight, she was sworn to stop the Scourge in Quel'Danas at all costs, and was killed during the battle at the Sunwell, then reanimated as one of Arthas' Death Knights. Like most other Death Knights, she eventually gained her freedom from his influence and began her new "life" wandering about Azeroth and even Outland in hopes of learning more of her past.

The years had come and gone. She remained alone during her travels save for a small red proto-drake whelp. Then she met Zoyfried Longuard, and that truly is when her life began to change. He showed her compassion and love despite her Undead nature, and made the ultimate sacrifice so that her life could be restored.

Now she is alive again. Though unless one knew her before as a Death Knight, you would never know that she was once dead.

She is married to the love of her life, Zoyfried Longuard, and has welcomed twins into the world with her husband; a boy, Etharien, and a girl, Tachiana. Her little proto-drake is now grown and serves the family as a loyal pet, offering protection as well as transportation.

Etharien Longuard - born 7/25/13 @ 9:50pm
Tachiana Longuard - born 7/25/13 @ 10:00pm

((Because I get asked this sometimes (and I've recently had someone act like a complete asshole, even more so after being given sources that back up my RP), she was brought back to life when someone close to her sacrificed their life in the Pools of Youth in Pandaria. If you want details, please don't hesitate to ask, but do hesitate to be judgmental.

I personally do not like playing cookie cutter characters and having cookie cutter RP, but I do research and follow lore closely so I'm not just pulling things out of my ass or creating some all powerful, special snowflake. This is a new chapter in my character's life, and she is in fact a Paladin now, not a DK I just say can use the Light. I created a new toon and leveled her to 90 for this RP and the character that sacrificed their life did in fact get perma-death for the RP. Nothing is broken nor impossible to achieve.))