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Player character
Salty, the Lightsworn
Glows a light blue

He stand fairly still most of the time, and usually seems to be deep in thought.  His face has a scar that runs along his left jaw line that is barely noticeable.  There are several scars along his left arm, most on his forearm.  He normally is seen wearing a single jeweled pendant, that glistens softly and matches his eyes, and a decorated leather band on his left arm that has a stained kerchief woven around it.

He is always carrying a large shield that is shaped to resemble the face of an old man.  In truth the shield is sentient and the two have a somewhat love-hate relationship.  The shield, named Krohm, claims to be a dispersed vrykul storyteller who made a mistake long ago and offended one of the guardians of Ulduar (prior to it's corruption by the old god).  While its origin may or not be truthful, it loves telling stories.

Shattrath (formerly, now resides in Auchindoun)
Nagrand, Draenor

Previous Life (before the fall, that is):

Served as a vindicator within the Hand of Argus, and also is a member of the Aldor.  His wish had been to become one of the Shield of Velen.  Immediately after the crash, he was one of the first draenei to leave to explore the world.  He wandered the new world for a time before returning to the land of his birth to battle the legion once again.

When the call to face the Lich King was sounded, he answered and headed north after joining a small band of mercenaries (as no official draenei help was accepted).  After a disastrous campaign within the citadel of Naxxramas, he returned for a short time to the Exodar to recover his injuries, and contemplated retiring his blade.

Eventually his desire to serve the light overcame his depression at failing to protect his comrades, and he went again to the frozen north.  There he again joined a mercenary band and had success inside of Ulduar.  There he found who would become his closest companion, the shield Krohm.  While in the snowy wastes he found friends, fortune, and love. 

After the fall of the Lich King he retired to Shattrath where he took up his old post within the Aldor.  He remained there, with his love, until his sister sent word asking for his aid.  Without a second thought, he took up his sword and shield and went to help her.

When his sister's mission had ended he found himself wandering the skies of Kalimdor, on a quick stop to rest his weary bones, he experienced a loss that wounded him to his very core.  He fled from the shrine he had landed at and fled to his home, darkness taking over him while he ran.

He sought the naaru's aid, and gave himself into their care.  the naaru restored his soul to the light, however the darkness had not been completely defeated.  He went into a spiral of darkness that he believed would end only with his full conversion into a demon.  He then journeyed into the shrine of the dead, Auchindoun. 

There he communed with the spirits of his peoples dead, and learned of one way he could continue on.


Saltion now.

The paladin has forgotten much of his past.  He tore his memories that revolved around the cause of his fall from his being and preserved them within the amulet he wears around his neck.  There were side effects, however.  The ritual he performed has removed any memory from him that ever caused him sorrow.  He no longer remembers friends or family, save for his shield. 

His strength in the light is now beginning to fade.  His mood is altered.  He now trains his mind and body, believing that it will aid him in regaining his strength within the light.  The source of his loss of strength is also due to the ritual.  The light within him is now flowing into the amulet.  His soul is healed, but the true cost is yet to be known by him.



Xeress sister
Veran Kordriler companion, and friend
Anchorite Vajarra Former lover
Iarii Unwanted companion, assigned watcher