Saeyira Dawnracer

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Player character
Shadow Wolf Commander
Blood Elf
Fel green
103 lbs.

Saeyira is a small woman, being both very short and very slim. She considers herself average in appearance, and has no visible facial scars or remarkable features. Her ears have a handful of piercings, all are silver hoops. She has mid-back length medium-to-dark-brown hair, very fine and straight. The most notable features of her body in general would be a gash-like scar that runs down the outside of her left upper arm, running nearly from shoulder to elbow. The scar is thick, and old, and the wound looks to have been quite grisly when it was fresh. 

Sae dresses in comfortable, easy to move in clothing unless there is some particular need for nice clothes. She could care less if what she wears is fashionable, and she could care even less whether it's too revealing or too modest. She wears what she needs to get a job done on any given day. Sometimes that requires frilly dresses, mostly it involves well worn leather armor or something similar. 

Goldenmist Village
House Dawnracer

The eldest of the Dawnracer siblings, Saeyira is a sin'dorei rogue in her early adulthood (comparable to a human in their mid twenties). She is the eldest daughter to Kyrian and Illia Dawnracer, a Farstrider and magistrix respectively. Kyrian had ambitions to become Ranger-General. He was a rather strict, albeit loving, parent. Illia on the other hand had little ambition, and intended to live a life of leisure at her husband's expense. She had little care for her children, and viewed them mostly as bartering tools to get further ahead in society. Saeyira had a great deal of love and respect for her father, but her relationship with her mother was always rocky. She and her siblings were raised in Goldenmist village in what is now the Ghostlands. Her mother often lamented they did not live in Silvermoon, closer to high society.

Despite her love and respect, she was a bit of a hellraiser. The rebellious and wild child, Saeyira never followed her father's orders and consequently became a thorn in his side. She could be counted on to act out, to go missing for days at a time, and to get herself into trouble with local authorities and elders. 

When Saeyira was old enough, her father set her up with an apprenticeship to a healer under the employ of House Windrunner. She was sent to Silvermoon and the Windrunner manse located there for training. It was there, on her way to meet her new instructor, that she encounter Laneus. A thief raised on Murder Row, Laneus quickly swept Saeyira off her feet...literally and figuratively. After a failed attempt to convince her to come away with him, Laneus left Saeyira to go to her new trainer. 

Three weeks later, fed up with her lecherous trainer and the boredom of healing, Saeyira snuck out of the manse for the first time since her arrival. She encountered Laneus once more, who made a point of trying to convince her to come away with him. He succeeded. Saeyira departed Windrunner manse in the early hours of dawn, leaving a note for her trainer and a letter to her father already on the way. The "shame" she brought upon her family would strain relations with her father and younger sisters for many years. 

The scandal also prevented her father from rising to Ranger-Generalship. His enemies suggested that Saeyira's treachery and disloyalty stemmed from him and his unsavory wife. Illia pounced upon Kyrian's loss of position by suggesting they move to Silvermoon, that Kyrian be stationed closer to the city, so that they could escape the shame they faced in Goldenmist. Depressed from his failure, Kyrian agreed. 

Upon the family's move to Silvermoon, Saeyira came forward to make ammends. Her father's anger relented, and he welcomed both Saeyira and Laneus into his home once more. Relations with her younger sisters were repaired shortly thereafter. 

Things can never stay perfect, however. When Arthas and the Scourge invaded Silvermoon, Saeyira and family were caught in the crossfire. Kyrian, Illia, and Laneus all died during the invasion. They laid Kyrian and Illia to rest in Eversong, but Laneus' body was missing. 

Saeyira continued down the shady path she'd chosen, seeking out vengeance for the loss of her father and her lover. While she didn't like the idea of being a member of the Horde warhost, she made herself available to them as an assassin and scout, a move that ultimately took her to Northrend in the fight against the Lich King. 

During a trip home, she encountered the roguish Blood Knight Azrikk, who promptly swept her off her feet for the first time since Laneus. This romance couldn't have come at a worse time. Laneus, whose body had gone missing in the chaos of the invasion, revealed himself to Saeyira a few weeks after she and Azrikk became involved. He'd been raised as a Death Knight, but the transition had left him insane. He wanted Saeyira back, but upon discovering she'd moved on, he decided dead was just as good as alive. 

He's been hellbent on destroying her and her sisters, and Azrikk too, ever since. 

More recently, Saeyira was nearly murdered by a Silvermoon politico with a penchant for murdering young women. The warlock used his demons to bind them in the lower levels of his home, where he took his time torturing them to death. Azrikk came for her, and in the process murdered the warlock. The move ultimately stripped him of his Blood Knight status, and also turned Azrikk, Saeyira, and her sisters into Silvermoon fugitives. 

It was because of this that Korouk, a tauren paladin, approached her and offered her a place within his warhost as the leader of a recon team. Saeyira is now the leader of the Warhost's Shadow Wolves. Korouk also offered a home and place for Azrikk and her sisters. 

A connection has been made between the warlock and Laneus, but nothing concrete has been established. In the months since the incidents, Laneus has gone missing, and Saeyira desperately hopes it stays that way.

Altyra Dawnracer Sister
Cairienn Dawnracer Sister
Laneus Duskrunner Ex-lover