Roulette Kneebasher

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Player character
Probably Owes You Money

This fidgety Goblin is missing one of her front teeth and her sleeves are singed and tattered though the rest of the get up looks nice enough. An odd combination of herbal and ozone scents cling to her garments as well as a hint of perfume. Kezanites might know the fragrance brand as Delusion by Jinkx Monsoon.  (Delusion: convince yourself!)

Her fingernails are painted blue with the ends blackened in the  fairly stylish trend by necessity back on Kezan called ‘Trench Tips’.  The color matches a hastily put together tilted beehive of azure hair. Bright eye shadow and thick eyeliner applied with no subtlety whatsoever only seem to accentuate the woman's unnaturally wide shrewd manic eyes.

Her shoes, however, are water and ash stained Rocket Runners. It looks like they’ve been to a cobbler or two, but substance apparently wins over style for footwear.

Rou's Secret Laboratory

Roulette is part of the The Trade Princess Movement working to undermine (pun intended) the slimy unprofitable Gallywix and install the far more competent Boss Mida in his place.

At the time of the Shattering, she ''claims'' to be 29 years old. 
"No, 28!  Yeah, that's it... wait, do I look 25 to you? ... No?  Meh, fine, 27."
Roulette comes from a family of loan sharks in Kezan.  She's the 7th child out of 13. Loans were a huge yawn compared to winning cash through luck and long sleeves. And thus her gambling habit began... as did her roller coaster rags to riches and back again cyclic lifestyle.
She was a party girl in her teens spending all of her time and family's money in her favorite Casino; The Golden Goggles. Gradually she became a persona non grata amongst the Kneebashers. Those years are a bit of a wild blissful blur to Roulette but being unceremoniously thrown out on her ass with a bill as long as a Kodo's small intestine is a memory as clear as day.  That sobered her up pretty fast, and she had to be quick on her feet to survive in worg eat worg Kezan.  Especially with the Kneebasher loan sharks (among others, most of which she can't even keep track of) expecting her to pay back every cent. It was at this point she decided to take a gamble on the Fel arts and take up being a Warlock to better protect herself and her interests.
She became pretty adept at avoiding her debts and Bruisers, and risked big and won big on a regular basis but would lose or spend it all again nearly as often. But she's ultimately an optimist and a pretty good sprinter as well so she figured it'd all work out.
Karajo's eruption was a bit of a blessing, in a way, though devastating at the same time. Her debts were catching up with her and those Bruisers weren't bluffing. She gave everything she had left to get on Gallywix's boat and escape with her life. She loved Kezan and was broken hearted to see it destroyed. She also loved freedom and being alive so the whole 'you're gonna be slaves, oh crap they're shooting at us we're gonna drown!' thing was also a downer. 
Washing up on the Lost Isles was yet another gift from good ol fickle lady luck, and Roulette was more than happy to roll the dice on starting over. Why that Thrall guy thought it was a good idea to leave the jerk who was gonna sellout his whole Cartel in charge was beyond her, but as always she figured she'd make do. 
After the Bilgewater Cartel joined the Horde she discovered that Warlocking wasn't as socially acceptable as it had been back home in Org.  So she got really involved in her Alchemy and took up Tailoring (or rather, made her imp learn to tailor) to make some cash. She also became increasingly interested in the Twisting Nether.


Bazinga Kneebasher Cousin
Anukaar Partner. It's complicated.
Moreth Minion/Adoptive Son. It's complicated.