Masrin Silverfire

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Player character
Blood Elf


Despite having arrived at just past the peak of middle-aged, the years are treating Masrin well. (It’s generally ill-advised to comment on this to him, however. Touchy subject, that.) While there is certainly a bit more silver than gold in his hair these days, the rogue is lean and solid, his gaze sharp and observant. His features are quite fine, nearly at the risk of being feminine in delicacy, though the cocky rake generally keeps a bit of scruff on his chin to combat this.
Rare is the day that he is found out of his well-worn leather armor, which is scratched here and there but still perfectly serviceable and fitted snugly to his hard, rugged frame. When he is seen out of armor, he dresses in simple but finely-tailored clothing, usually breeches and loose shirt of some kind. 
This is definitely a man who has seen conflict, his scars a testament to his years of combat. The most noteworthy is a long, slender cut that splits his left eyebrow and slices horizontally down over his eye and onto his cheek. Thankfully, the blade seems to have missed the eye itself. Smaller, unremarkable scars can be seen here and there.
For ornamentation, two small gold rings decorate his left ear, a delicate chain suspended between the two. Perhaps a testament to stubbornness, they appear to have been yanked out more than once. He also wears a gold ring suspended on a chain about his neck, etched with two daggers extended outwards around the band, though this is usually tucked below his chestpiece.
Masrin can quite frequently be seen deftly dancing coins between calloused fingers or rolling dice around in his palm, idle habits. His only visible weapons are two daggers, one on each hip.

Portrait drawn by the awesome and talented Ruetto.

Latter part of middle aged


You may know Masrin if…
… you are mistaking him for his identical twin, Haestus Silverfire. Haestus is a kindly priest and healer, who used to run a free clinic out of his home in Eversong.
… he owes you money. Masrin used to have a serous gambling problem, compounded by the world’s worst luck. Some of those debts have still not been paid…
… you were a scout for the Horde. This rogue has quite a service record.
… you are well-versed in Silvermoon politics. Silverfire is a very minor house of little power, but very wealthy, thanks to Haestus’ skill with investing.
… you know Anshael Talethien. Masrin is her father. And he has lots and lots of knives. And a willingness to use them.
… make something up! :D Walk-ups are always welcome.
Haestus Silverfire Twin Brother
Anshael Talethien Daughter
Kae Friend
Filorian Xenoril Friend and Business Associate
Andreo Friend