Lymia Da'Melnor

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Player character
The Earthshaper
Blood Elf
Fel Green

(Artwork by Evanlysis)

Standing at a total height of five feat seven inches (9 inches in certain boots), this Sin'dorei female normally keeps herself covered from head to toe in battle armor to hide her features from the rest of those around her. At most you could see a lower jaw and lips depending on the mask she wore at the time.

Without her armor on, which would mean she trusted you enough to be dressed that, You could tell that she was a well toned Sin'dorei that carries herself fairly well in stature. Her hair seems to have been dyed or colored a blood red color which falls to about the middle of her upper backside. Normally dressed in leathers, she outfits herself along the idea of 'you can look but don't touch', though lately these days those around her who look mostly end up dead.  

Along her left side is a large runic tattoo of a spider like creature, few faded scars from battles passed grace her form in various places if one knows where to find them. Upon her lower back is another tattoo of two wolves howling at the moon.

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Formally one of the Twilight Hammer Vindicators', she realised that the Cult she first made her alliances with would not serve the goals she had hoped for. After the failure of Benedictus in the first assault against the Wyrmrest Accord Temple, she went into hiding living off what she could in Northrend. Until one night walking alone the shores of Dragonblight she witnessed the near revival of an Old God in the distance.

Investigating the battle after she soon learned about the Cult of the Forgotten and worked her way amongst their ranks. Showing great proficiency in crafting using the earth and metals for armor and weapons earned her the title "The Earthshaper". As the Eathshaper she is fully committed to the cause, of seeing a day when the Gods where free to roam Azeroth as they pleased.

Kama'zlek Shatta'sol former lover (currently dead)/ teacher
Faitima Flamerage bitter enemy
Rulkan Bonemaw Herald