Linthara Illu'noir

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Player character
Commander Linthara Illu'noir
Blood Elf
Fel Green

Viewed as abnormally tall (at least that's what some tell me) at 5'9", Linthara is not an overly muscular woman, but well toned enough to support the plated armor she wears as well as a shield on one arm. Yet manages to still look lady when dressed down in normal clothing. Normally wears a pair of dangling ruby earrings that are mostly covered by her platinum blond tresses.

As only two real major scars, one that is across her neck from where a rogue slit her throat when being held hostage for something of importance to the Blood Knights. The other scar is just below her navel which happened during her fall down a steep cliff in the Storm Peaks; when an assassin came to claim the bounty on her head during her time as Knight Lord within the Blood Knight Order. Both are now very faint and already fading.

(Art Done by the ever Talented: <3 ))

Other Art - <- pregnant Lin <- vs Apophan <- Alternative outfit

Goldenmist Village
House Illu'noir

Linthara grew up within Goldenmist Village, in the years prior to the Horde's assault on Quel'thalas and the march of the Scourge upon their lands. She lived in a relatively peaceful existence till she felt the need to do more then just exist. Leaving for the city of Silvermoon she remained within the capital's walls to find her path in life.

During her time of self discovery she spent time accompanying her relative's as they traveled between Quel'thalas to places such as Dalaran, and Lordaeron, she found herself becoming highly fond of a human named Alric. The pair continued their courtship for a while till the third war when the Scourge began to arise and cause havoc.

With the ruining of Lordaeron, Dalaran, and the destruction of the Sunwell itself, it wasn't until the rise of the blood knights and the anger within her heart that she knew her path was to grasp the light stolen from her and her people and bend it to her will. Though bitter about the fall of her people and the betrayal of the alliance she continued to push herself forward striving towards the full rebirth of her peoples glory.

Faitima Flamerage Sibling to
Xieo Flamerage Sister In-Law to
Raeoren Flamerage Aunt to