Leilen Mistvale

Character page

In-game name: 
Character type: 
Player character
Sunreaver Fel Magi
Blood Elf
Deep Fel Green
Around 6'0"

Her eyes glow a deep fel green, suggesting a frequent use of demonic magic.
Upon closer inspection, her posture is very straight and controlled, as if she was forcing herself to keep up appearences.

Silvermoon City

Born in Quel'thalas (???) years before the third war. Leilen's great grandparents were old enough to have fought in the Amani Troll wars; having passed down their knowledge of offensive arcane magic through the family tree as a means of providing self defense to any future threats the high elves might later encounter. Both her parents, grandparents and older brother were slain in the near-genocide of the high elves during Arthas' seige on Silvermoon during the third war; she was left the only one in her family that survived the atrocity.

Taking up the claim of "Blood Elf" in honor of her family and all the other Elves that died during the slaughter. Still fit enough for battle, she eagerly followed Kael'thas to Outland, swearing to put the the magical teachings of her parents to good use toward the elves continued survival as a species. As Kael'thas' campaign with Illidan in Outland progressed, her craving for magic grew increasingly desperate as she began concentrating on fel energy to sate her magical addiction. Although hesitant at first, she defected from Kael'thas' forces following the realization of his betrayal - where she would call the Scryers her family until joining with the Shattered Sun Offensive.

Later in their campaign, members of The Shattered Sun; having fulfilled their purpose and reclaiming the Sunwell, began being siphoned off to form what would later be known as The Sunreavers during the campaign in Icecrown; a campaign Leilen was all too eager to participate in as this meant an opportunity to avenge Arthas' massacre of the elves in years gone by.

And now, finally; the Sunreavers, having been thrown out of Dalaran and excommunicated from the Kirin Tor; Leilen suddenly finds herself an official member of the Horde after the Sunreaver's merging with the Blood Elves of Silvermoon. The abrupt position she now finds herself in is very much foreign territory to her, having technically remained a neutral party by association to the conflict of the Alliance and Horde for as long as she can remember.