Keida Shadowfletch

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Player character
Night Elf
193 lbs

Keida is very tall, because she's very old. Despite being a well-built outdoorsy person, her skin is pale compared to other night elves who are out in the sun a lot. Her rich, green hair is unevenly cut somewhere between her chin and her shoulders. A smattering of green paint covers her face, like drawing half a picture and then folding the paper in half to mirror it on the other side.

Her clothes vary between a simple leather get-up, to light or even heavy mails, large firearms, and big weapons. The former only ever has a single pouch tied off on her right hip, carrying flint stones, a rusty knife, and some gold. There is also a holster hidden underneath her cloak, carrying a small crossbow when it isn't in one hand. The latter outfits will still carry the pouch around, however she forgoes the subtlety provided by the thick cloak in order to carry much heavier weapons with her.


Pre-War of the Ancients:

Born of Highborne parents, Keida grew up with an affinity for nature, much to her parent's displeasure. Much of their efforts went into training her with arcane, though she constantly failed them in her attempts to connect with (at the time referred to as) the 'Lowborne'. As class tensions heated up between the Highborne and druidic society, Keida was forced into a sort of purgatory - hated by her family and untrusted by her friends. Disowned by her family, she spent her early adult years on the edge of society as a thief just to survive.

War of the Ancients:

Keida sided with the druids and the Ancients and fought for Azeroth, but did things her own way. By now she'd acquired a deep-seated hatred for anyone of authority, though in battle she matched a tactful plan with at least two reckless ones, often by herself. However, working with the druids and sentinels had taught her how to hunt and cook well enough by herself, and was often asked to find food for the elven army.

The Long Vigil:

Returning to her soloing ways, Keida flourished alone in the woods and nature. While she still remained on the outer edges of Night Elf society, she periodically returned to trade small amounts of lumber and ore in return for ammunition.

War of the Shifting Sands:

During this time Keida rerolled as a rogue and hung around northern Ashenvale. Asking why results in an error message: Not Enough Energy.

The Third War:

As the orcs and humans pushed into Ashenvale, Keida gave them a not-so-friendly reminder that they were not welcome in the land, usually by way of a few arrow holes in dead bodies. She unofficially realigned with the Night Elves once the orcs drank the demonc blood of Mannoroth, and beared witness to the death of Cenarius at the hands of Grom Hellscream and his men before fleeing into the woods.

Battle at Mount Hyjal:

Specifically around this time, Keida stayed away from the Burning Legion and especially the Scourge as they advanced up the mountains. She carefully watched and followed them, but tried to give them the widest birth possible without missing out on things.

World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade:

During this time Keida spent a great deal travelling the world, collecting and trading odd items in exchange for ammunition for bows. By the time she moved through the Dark Portal for her first time, Keida was already skilled with the crossbow.


She did as she always has in recent times: explored and traded unique goods for ammunition. She'd come to rely on rifles and shotguns now as part of her ranged armament, and actively participated all across Northrend in clearing the way for the heroes that would bring down the Lich King.


Keida found a temporary home with a guild called The Shan're, going by the nickname Greenie which she acquired from a paladin a few weeks prior. As was her usual custom, she was lazy and disinterested in a lot that went on, and when she did help out, she was thoughtless and reckless and constantly getting all sorts of serious injuries.

After an argument that took a step close to becoming violent, Keida disappeared from the group for an extended period of time to try to relax. Instead, she suffered insomia and slowly forgot to eat regularly, then at all. In her broken state, she blamed her leader for her problems and returned to elven lands to confront him, but was knocked out by a newer member before she could try anything.

Keida gathered her senses after a lot of food and rest, calling on her leader to speak with her about her actions. Their talk netted in Keida's removal from the group, and she now struggles to find her feet again after having the stability in her life ripped out from under her feet.