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Player character
Silvery blue
Thin but toned

((Pronounced: yoo-LAY-lee-ah, yeah that's an i not a L))

By Draenei standards Lia, as she's often called, is rather average looking.  Her height is average and her form is on the thin side, although clearly muscled.  She has a rather pear-shaped form.  Barely a Gnome-sized handful for tits and wide hips with a rear that more than makes up for the lack up top.  Her face is somewhat squarish with a wide nose that appears to have been broken at some point.  She missing her right eye while the left is a silvery blue.  A shallow scar runs across her forehead, starting above her right eye and running vertical across her headcrest before coming to a stop where her left eyebrow starts.

She's missing a left tendril, leaving her with only three.  Her hair is once again in dreads that reach past her hips at the longest.

Both horns bear nicks along their surfaces while the right stops where it would begin to curve upward, it appears to have been shorn clean off from that point.  The other has began to spiral.

Both ears have two piercings in the lobes.  The left ear appears to have been cut off toward the top leaving it blunted and the right has a sliver taken out where a piercing used to be.

Lia often wears clothes that cover as much skin as possible, should she be wearing a short enough shirt part of what appears to be a large tattoo of a Naaru in shimmering white ink can be seen on her back and appears to extend down part of her tail.  However this tattoo is broken up by many scars.  In some places there's whole chunks of skin missing.  And across the front of her torso is long, pale purple scar, running diagonal from left to right.

Sexy Beast as according to Queen Caotl.


You may know Lia if...

  •     You were on Oshu'gun.
  •     You lived in Shattrath.
  •     You lived on the Exodar for about a year after it crashed.
  •     You lived in/worked in/frequented Booty Bay any time in the past four or five(?) years.
  •     You "read", uh...gentlemanly magazines (she was a pinup girl, think old fashioned kind that wore clothing that DIDN'T show off everything).
  •     You are a shaman or working with the Earthen Ring as of the Cataclysm.
  •     You've frequented Stormwind, particularly the Cathedral Square (up until a few months ago).
  •     Took any part in the Elemental Onslaugh/Triage in Stormwind.
  •     You know Kialthos or Vandrin (she was usually seen with either of them).
  •     You have worked with the Scions of Argus.
  •     You worked in Outland (Shattrath, Nagrand or Shadowmoon Valley) a few months ago.
  •     You are a Vindicator (either in training or otherwise).
  •     You worked in Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord recently.
Borasonga Instructor
Kialthos Ex-Lover
Arkturas Ex-Lover
Elvis Swagmaster Old Boss
Wilhiem A. Hammerstorm Old Boss