Ithikos Ironroot

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Player character
Night Elf
Pale green
7' 2"

((Usually not shirtless...))

He stood straight - straighter than your average Night Elf. Broad shoulders and a lean frame stood covered by layers of leather robes and armor scrubbed and cleaned and pressed until it was creaseless. Long green hair flowed down his back, combed to military straightness. His face was clear of any facial hair. With his weight evenly dispersed between both feet and his head held high, it looked as though he was always alert and and at attention. His eyes were bright as Ashenvale in Spring, and perhaps just as old - the single betrayal of his age. Yet despite of his military-like appearance, there was an expression of utter carelessness upon his face, as if had just clocked him over the head and he was still trying to recover from the impact. Or perhaps, that he was still trying to wake up after a very long nap.

He is accompanied by what looked like a plump green larva on rainbow wings, roughly the size of a large vulture. On closer inspection it is actually a rather fat faerie dragon. 

Lost count
Northern Kalimdor (The Sunken Part)

Ithikos was born in a small fishing village somewhere along the coasts of the now-sunken part of Kalimdor. His village was destroyed during a disaster, leaving him homeless. As a child he scavenged for a living, and the history from then was something he no longer spoke of. He was found as a youth fighting as young druid during the War of the Ancients, and since then he was a part of the Cenarion Circle, having worked his way up the military ladder of the Circle and most importantly, found a home in Moonglade.

For the following many years, he drifted in and out of the dream. He woke once for a brief few months with the initial intention of re-acquainting himself with a much-changed world, only to have found a mate. But the relationship was not to be, and he was seen drifting back into the Dream again, perhaps having never fully woken up from it.

Once more he walks the earth, roughly a year later. He stands upon the Earth, and wonders if the adventure with lovely female elf was real, or perhaps, just another dream.