Haestus Silverfire

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Player character
the Patient
Blood Elf
Average height


The Cinnamon Elf

Tea Connoisseur, Baker, Counselor, Healer 


Haestus is a tidy, dignified-looking elf with a slender build, who often smells faintly of cinnamon or other pleasant cooking spices. He possesses absolutely no sense of fashion at all, and can usually be seen wearing positively dull clothing in drab colors. The man has a seemingly never-ending supply of plain robes in terribly exciting shades of brown and/or white. He always wears a pendant on a fine silver chain about his throat, the pendant itself a silver circle enclosing a silver tree, atop a dark blue-green opal. 
He is definitely not a young elf anymore, well into his middling years. Accordingly, there is a noticeable (distressing, really, if you ask him)  amount of silver in his pale blonde hair these days. His features are fairly delicate for a man, fine, narrow and almost feminine. He has also reluctantly given in to another sign of his age and may occasionally be seen wearing silver-rimmed spectacles - but only when he absolutely must.
Haestus walks with heavy reliance on a hand-carved cherrywood cane. He generally has a book or journal in hand or tucked away under an arm. He always has a white kitten that follows him around, as well, which looks fat, happy and well-cared for.
Note: Shadowform is ALWAYS OOC. Pretty robes are usually OOC as well, as per his description; I keep IC robes in bags for quick changes for walk-up.

Portrait drawn by the awesome and talented Ruetto.

173 (give or take)
Estate in Eversong and a cottage in Valley of the Four Winds


You may know Haestus if...
... you have come by the free clinic he runs in Eversong, for healing or counselling. 
... you have an interest in anything related to cooking, baking or tea.
... you are a member of the Argent Crusade/Argent Dawn.
... you are mistaking him for his troublesome rogue of a twin brother, who still has a couple unpaid gambling debts. Alternatively, you may also know Haestus if you are a gambler or ringleader of a game, as Haestus has frequently been the one to pay Masrin's debts.
... you follow Silvermoon politics. Silverfire is a very, VERY minor house of little power, though quite wealthy.
... you frequent Halfhill with any regularity, Haestus is very quite often seen in the market.
IC character blog: haestus.tumblr.com - Tea and Sympathy
http://i.imgur.com/yieSW.jpg (Credit: Ruetto)
http://i.imgur.com/r7PlX.jpg (Credit: Ruetto)
http://i.imgur.com/Bj6np.jpg (Credit: Ruetto)
Ruetto Gavotte Sin'Eranu Adopted Daughter
Masrin Silverfire Twin brother
Andreo Friend
Filorian Xenoril Friend
Anshael Talethien Niece