Gallaria Quel'loras

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Player character
Blood Elf
Silvermoon City
Eversong Woods
House Quel'loras

Gallaria is the firstborn daughter of a well to do family of priests and more recently paladins. She was a lover of peace and content with the life at home until the Scourge moved in and decimated Quel'thalas. She lost her fiance and found that retribution could not be found sitting at home, praying for justice. She took up the sword and is now a full-fledged Blood Knight.Gallaria was solely bent on revenge until she had a run-in with a rogue named Sylsev.

 Over the course of a few months, the pair decided to work together to gain a reputation and hopefully have a chance at striking back at Arthas and reach the Outland to reunite with their Prince. It felt like a century of hardwork but finally the labor paid off and Gallaria and her rogue were on their way to rejoining Kael'thas. What they received instead of a hearty welcom was a trail of breadcrumbs that eventually led to the horrifying truth of the Sunstrider's betrayal and apparent slip into madness.

The paladin, her entire world completely shattered, was only able to keep her own sanity with the help of Syls. Once again, they grew stronger and with the help of the Horde, set to rights what Kael'thas had taken from them.After they left the Outland for good, Gallaria and her lover did not have much time to rest. The Horde had secured a place on Northrend. The war against the Lich King was just beginning.Gallaria had a hard time at first with battling the Scourge.

Memories of her fiance's gruesome death at the hands of an undead haunted her here more than even in Silvermoon. Several weeks went by before the paladin could honestly fight against the enemy with full resolve. Credit for this again rests upon the shoulders of her lover.The war brought together the Alliance and Horde like nothing else had ever had. Gallaria had always nurtured certain prejudices and opinions of how humans and their allies acted, but after battling under the flag of the Argent Crusade and seeing the courage of the crusaders under Tirion Fordring's leadership has loosened some of Gallaria's more warped view of how things are in the world.

Gallaria was on a simple mission in Durotar when Deathwing made his titanic reappearance. She had ben escorting a tauren to Ratchet. The shaman saved the paladin's life by sacrificing her own, falling into a crevice. It left Gallaria without armor and a nasty scar on the right side of her face.

The scars of the past are beginning to heal.