Fyndren Moonclaw

Character page

In-game name: 
Character type: 
Player character
Druid of the Claw|The Mad
Night Elf
6" 3'
200 lbs.

On the short side for a kaldorei. He is young, but grizzled. His deep green hair is wild, and he keeps a scruffy goatee most times. He has scar-like black and purple markings along the right side of his face.


His fingers end in claw-like tips, and when his mouth is open, you can clearly see razor sharp canines.

He typically wears standard druid clothing; tunics and robes, although most of them are worse for wear.

Northern Kalimdor

Born in Hyjal 819 years ago, Fyndren Moonclaw was raised in the heart of his people's civilization. From a young age, he studied history, philosophy, and above all else; the druid arts. He excelled at his training as a boy, and was a gifted shapeshifter, able to call on the powers of nature even in his animal forms to assist him in melee combat.


Growing up, he idolized great druids like Malfurion Stormrage and Broll Bearmantle. And when he was given an opportunity to join exemplar druids like them and many others in the Emerald Dream, he gladly went. Even knowing he would be sacrificing hundreds of waking years. What he didn't know, was that a darkness, an illness, was slowly assaulting the Dream.


As the force that would come to be known as the Emerald Nightmare grew in power, the druids within the Dream banded together to combat it. Even as the Nightmare entered found its way into the waking world, the Cenarion Cirlce fought back against the Nightmare, with Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage leading the assault. Many druids fell to the Nightmare. Most lost their lives, some, suffered worse fates. Hundreds of druids were wracked with madness; corrupted beyond redemption by the Nightmare. In one rare case, however, one druid who was exposed to the dark energy of the Nightmare, survived. This druid was Fyndren Moonclaw, and although he survived his close encounter with an unspeakable ancient evil, he did not leave unscarred.