Fnor Morningstar

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Player character
Fnor Morningstar - Hunter, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary
Blood Elf

Fnor carries himself with pride and has a certain subtle air of dignity about him.  He can sometimes have a wry sense of humor that will somtimes just wander into downright silliness, depending on the circumstances. He is always extremely vain about his appearance as any Sindorei male can be.


Silvermoon City

Fnor was adopted by the Morningstar family at a young age.  His heritage is a bit murky due to the fact that it was determined that his biological parents were of less moral character than one could have hoped.  HIs biological mother was a street walker of Silvermoon and his father may have been a nobleman of some sort, this is speculation due to Fnor's general bearing and appearance.

His adoptive parents were trades people, his father a tailor and his mother a seamstress with a small shop just off the Bazaar in Silvermoon City.  They were an older couple and had been told that they would never be able to have a child of their own by the healers, much to their surprise, chagrin and joy, shortly after they adopted Fnor, a daughter was born to them, four years later..another daughter. The two girls, Felaran and Faendra wer a joy and delight to them - Fnor being the typical boy, took great delight in teasing them and showering them with as much love as his heart could muster.  All of the children were given the best that money could buy for them, not only in their appearance but education as well.  Fnor graduted from the Academy with high honors by working part-time positions and helping to pay for his studies.

The parents met an untimely end when the eldest daughter decided to run away from home with a young man and they set off in search of them.  Fnor was already stationed with the Rangers and was unaware of the situation until he received a letter telling him the news as well as the young girl,  Faendra, that was deposited neatly in his arms by one of the other officers.  His duty did not allow him to return to Silvermoon as quickly as he would have liked to search for his eldest sister, Felaran nor find a foster family to take care of his youngest sister, Faendra.  After a week of juggling his duties and the care of his sister, Fnor took a leave of absence to return home.  The youngest sister was placed in a foster home in Silvermoon.

Many years passed and Fnor left the Rangers to start his own business.  He had the skills and knowledge to become quite well known as a hunter, he added bounty hunter as well as mercenary.  During his travels, he continued to look for his oldest sister and was finally successful in finding her in Zangarmarsh.  She was one of the last of the Death Knights created by the Lich King...memories were somewhat intact.

Fnor's business has thrived since he moved his main operations to Dalaran.  Easy access to the portal to Orgrimmar as well as a growing social life have been good for the family.  Morningstar Enterprises has become somewhat well-known in Azeroth.  Fnor had to bring in another young blood elf by the name of Fnar Dawngory as a business partner and the business has quadrupled in the last two years, which means that more employees have been hired to fill ethe contracts.

Fnor's personal life has not been as successful as his business.  He has been engaged twice, one ending in the fiancee committing suicide and the other was a rejection by the young lady's family due to his lack of a true bloodline.  He married one of his students that he had been mentoring, however, she left due to the fact that she didn't care for Fnor's wealth and apparently wanted to live in a mudhut somewhere, silly woman.  So, Mr. Morningstar is still searching for someone that can accept him as he is, his one dream is to have a family of his own some day.


Amynlarae Shadowmoon Married
Kaldor Shadowmoon Eldest Son