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Player character
Blood Elf
Fel Green

Farorei is short, thin, frail, and she looks entirely irritated with everything around her while simultaneously appearing too exhausted to give much of a damn. Her wardrobe is tailored to fit her miniscule form and is apparently designed to reveal as little skin as possible if the long suede gloves and high collars are any indication, but what little flesh does show is densely coated in freckles. She is nearly always seen in a silk cloak of dark burgundy, wrapped over and across her chest to give the appearance of a shawl in the front. It is clasped in place by an ornate, if small, golden brooch.

The heady scent of ritual incense, somewhere between pleasant and pungent, hangs about her like a shroud.

Her words in Orcish are clipped by the harsh accent of someone who can't be bothered to fully learn a language they don't find sufficiently palatable.

Appears 35-40
Eversong Woods

Personality: Farorei mostly keeps to herself, though she's opinionated and vocal when agitated. She is cold and calculating, finding little use for idle chatter, and it most certainly shows in the way she carries herself; rigid, proper, and measured. Despite her track record of being a completely terrible and immoral person, she has an air of superiority about her and makes no effort to curb her arrogance.


Farorei is the daughter of Hallis Boarhoarder and Sophaia Dawnsinger, Quel'dorei aristocrats at the time of her birth. Raised in an estate far from Silvermoon and deep into the heart of Eversong Woods, she spent most of her childhood with only her (fraternal) twin sister Mailieu as company, making them very close.

Upon the death of their mother just as they were breaching adolescence, Farorei fell into an intense depression and grew apart from her sister when Mailieu dealt with her grief by withdrawing from the world and intensely focusing on her studies. Farorei remained listless and eventually married a politician in the city by the name of Sozin Suncaller; from the shroud of malaise looming over her family household, marriage seemed the easiest escape.

Together for many years, Sozin and Farorei did not necessarily have what one might call a fairy tale romance (or even a romance at all), but their relationship was sustainable. The two of them had enough in common in regards to their cynical outlook and take on Silvermoon politics, allowing them to at least maintain what might have been acknowledged as a friendship. Eventually they had two children; a boy, Aiolos, and a girl, Hypatia. 

When the Scourge invaded Quel'Thalas, Sozin fell in battle and their estate was destroyed, leaving Farorei a single mother of two children. Robbed of her home, her husband, and most importantly her race's source of magic, Farorei soon fell victim to the intense addiction that wracked every fiber of her being. In a stroke of what she perceived as luck, she happened upon a seemingly ancient tome of demonic rituals as she rummaged through the ruins of their homeland for scraps on which her remaining family could live. Driven to desperation by the burning need for arcane sustenance in addition to the aggressive Amani trolls beginning to encroach on the ruined elven territory, she elected to use the book to her advantage in secret. For the safety of her children, or so she told herself.

Though there was a flicker of a doubt in her mind for perhaps a moment, the powerful demon she summoned, an ancient succubus called Helevere, saw to it that Farorei did not falter in her commitment for long. The ensuing tap of demon blood was enough to quench the elf's need for arcane fulfillment, which in turn allowed her to more successfully provide for and protect her children. Still, she kept Helevere's presence a secret from them, but whether for their own protection or to hide her own shame was unclear. 

After the newly christened blood elves allied with the Horde and the Dark Portal was opened once again, Farorei received a letter from her twin sister (who had followed Kael'Thas to Outland many years prior). Willingly wrapped in the web of her own succubus' weaving, Farorei still maintained enough of her wits to realize that these were no healthy circumstances under which her children should be forced to live any longer. After years of protest she finally allowed Aiolos to leave and join the Farstriders, and she then chose to take the younger Hypatia to Shattrath City in order to live under the care of her aunt Mailieu.

Upon returning to Azeroth, Farorei made her way to Orgrimmar. Even though she found her new allies to be brutish and barbaric, anything was preferable to another day in Quel'thalas, and she swiftly took up odd jobs to stay afloat and, much to her delight, found several new outlets through which to explore the art of demonology. Her life has continued as such ever since with little outward variance.

She serves the Horde only at a mercenary capacity, caring little for the cause; outside of that her motivations are largely unclear. All that is certain is that she is on a seemingly unending quest for tomes and scrolls of demonic summoning rituals and incantations, though her motives for this are entirely unknown.

Any attempts to dig on information about her will likely yield no results, as she does not give out her last name and has managed to keep her interest in demon summoning and fel magic mostly a secret outside of various covens and warlock circles until very recently.

You might know/know of Farorei if:

  • You own any valuable and/or antique demonology tomes. She has been searching for them for years and has kept it no secret.
  • You have spent any time in or with various warlock covens between Silvermoon and Orgrimmar. She doesn't belong to any particular one, but she has her finger in a number of pies.
  • You lived/frequented Eversong Woods before the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas. This more applies to the Suncaller/Dawnsinger name than it does to Farorei specifically- she was just a housewife for most of this phase of her life.
  • You were (or know) a Silvermoon Guard or hired individual investigating the presumed murders of several workers during the rebuilding of Silvermoon.
  • You are a demonologist with a study focus of sayaad/succubi.
Mailieu Boarhoarder Sister
Briseris Amenthal Lover (occasionally)
Helevere Summoned Familiar, Lover (???)
Hypatia Suncaller Daughter