Covaya Dil'thaires

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Player character
Blood Elf

Always well dressed and regal, this woman is anything but trashy. Her attire ranging from Golden hues to even rich schemes which look to be plated and carefully ploished. Though, a sharp dresser, she is hardly ever without a sword and shield in hand.

Her hair always remains free and flowing as it's hardly ever seen up or tied back. The locks are straight until the ends reach the small of her back and tend to have a funky curl to them. In her eyes; first impressions must be humble and suited accordingly no matter the time of day, where, or how. Her design obviously impersonating this VERY well. Upon first glance, one is likely to see that she cares greatly for apperance, maintence and holding great upkeep with her armor and weapons.

Her eyes resmble dull, and soft colored emeralds. Gentle and easy to look into. Kind, generous, tender and forgiving is what this woman seemed to be - in a nutshell. A heavy aura of Holy light also seems to radiate off of this woman; a warm sensation in which never seems to faulter or sway from those close to her. Cheerful and sweet, it's nearly impossible to not see her smile; even from afar.

Although young, Covaya has been known to randomly give her advice on certain topics. When this happens, she is spoken with far more wisdom then what some could imagine she was capable of.

Completely innocent and sweetly compacted; Covaya is often the comic-relief in the small circle of her friends due to her naive personality and even 'virgin-like' lifestyle. She is not without her random words, and can stun a crowd when it comes to those around her talking of things she might not be familiar with. Most treat her to be delicate, untainted, kind and even treat her as their own. She is like the gem of kindness when most people are upset or unruley. The perfect mediator in any quarrel, and perhaps even the one person most cannot bring themselves to hate.

She has been known to most as a 'Lady' only because this was a title given to her by others rather than a self-proclaimed title for the sake of authority. Covaya has and always  will be a Lady regardless of situations. She holds herself properly and rather dignified no matter who stands before her and no matter how they treat her. She is the perfect image of what a 'Lady-like' figure should be. Often, she encourages others to have such grace about them when dealing with society and the rabble that comes with silver tongued harlots. Be as it may; she has a very high patience level which none have yet to break.