Celebren Bloodthorn

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Player character
Condottieri Bloodthorn
Blood Elf
Ice blue


Celebren is a woman in a decently fashionable state of undeath, for all things considered. The only visible signs of decay seem to be the darkened tips of her ears and, naturally, the deathly pallor of her skin.  The most noticeable things about her are her height--she stands roughly at 6 and a half feet--and the leather patch that covers the empty socket of her right eye.  Often she dons a pair of knobbed goggles which tend to give her an almost humorous appearance--or would if it wasn't for the commonplace stern expression.
She has a sturdy, athletic build from her years as a hunter prior to her death, and her frame bears the results:  far more smooth musculature than body fat. On the whole, Celebren is built in a very boyish way:  her trunk is not as curvaceous as many women, hips and bust are neither broad nor ample.  Her curves are mostly formed from musculature rather than womanly softness, and her body is solid, bordering on masculine.
She appears to have died relatively young, likely early into her adulthood.  Her hair, now snowy white, is generally drawn up into a high ponytail to keep the straight locks in place.  Pale hair falls to the small of her back, littered with thin braids decorated with small bits of feather and beadwork.  A trio of piercings decorate each of her ears.  
On average, the young knight seems mild-mannered, if not a little dour.  Her full lips are often drawn into a thin, serious line, and the sharp angles of her face make her appear rather severe.  Celebren commonly smells like a mix of motor oil and sweet cigars and sometimes is found to have a couple smears of oil on her skin from her work off-hand as a mechanic.  
Celebren always seems to move with a purpose, although despite the heavy weight of her armor, she strides with quite the quiet step when she intends it.  There is a wild grace about the stocky, amazonian woman, and the way she carries herself betrays a sense of confidence and the thrum of power.
Pinned to her tabard is a small golden broach formed into the shape of a reared up lion: a signet of her position as the condottieri of the newly formed Bloodthorn Mercenary Company.
House Bloodthorn
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