Bell Martin

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Player character
Lady Bellisente Martin
Ft Wildervar
House Martin, Alterac Nobility, Former Second in Command Order of Goldrinn, House of Nobles Representative.

I've developed Bellisente since the beginning of Wrath, she has had a wonderful adventure, taking all over Azeroth. I began playing her as a Priestess who was hopeful and devout to the Light, a healer on the battlefield. She served under House Sunshield. Was a representative who aided Orders who needed assistance from the House of Nobles. Before settling down with the love of her life, and joined him in running the Order of Goldrinn. Along the way she learned there was no true line between good and evil. The world wasn't simply black and white, and she adapted to see it all in shades of grey. 

She learned she had a talent for Shadow Magic, seeing into the thoughts of others at first, manipulating the mind of an attacker to save an order member, skills she felt were nothing to truly feel wrong for using. Her powers grew and she was able to call on shadowfiends, see through the eyes of her enemies from miles away, to manipulate dreams of those who aimed to harm anyone she adored, until the power would literally consumer her and she was able to destroy someone, sending them spiraling into endless nightmares. Her evolution with shadow magic took years. As she became stronger in shadow, the weaker she was in Light. Members of her order fought with her and Esmond, that the magic she harnessed was evil, and they would not follow her or respect her as long as she was a priest of Shadow.  

It wasn't till a child's life she cared for was in danger that she renounced the powers Shadow gave her and surrendered herself to the Light, and asked for it's mercy. She was bestowed with the Holy Light once again but her powers were stunted. The force she had once was, was double the power she was mercifully given back. Bell left Esmond and the Order and returned to her home in the Howling Fjord. 

Years later we find the Lady Martin, living a calm life at Martin Manor, she has been living peacefully for some time, raising her's and Esmond's son Lucius (2 year old). It turns out that as she's been isolated, a sickness is taking hold of her. Something she's hiding for fear of what may happen if others find out. Black tendrils are forming on her skin at the base of her neck and branching out. Hue'd in purple they grow slowly but are growing. She is feeling her connection to her power fading and struggle to slip back into the dark shadows once again. The only thing she can be sure of is this is trying to take over and no one knows what it is. She has to come out of isolation, seek help, explain to the man she left without a single word or reason that he has a son, and that she is dying. 


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