Ashtivar Whiteoak

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Player character
Harvest Witch
Curvy, broad

One's first impression of Ashtivar would be of brightness and enthusiasm, to the degree where it is patently obnoxious.

A large woman, though no giant, she moves with a swaggering gait and bright, curious eyes that constantly search for whatever's next in the world. She's almost never seen in her worgen form, though when she is she has distinct chestnut fur- at odds with her unkempt mane of wild black hair in human form. It would be shoulder length, if it agreed to abide the laws of gravity; instead, it sticks out every which way, defying any attempts to tame it- not that there are many to judge by the state.

A small smattering of freckles dusts the bridge of her nose. She's average looking, with a slight gap in her teeth frequently displayed by her constant grinning. Her skin is dusky, though not as dark as some, and weathered in the way of someone who works out of doors most often.

Usually seen in leathers and sporting something obnoxious or ridiculous, she'll stop and say hi to just about anyone- the more ominous and frightening, the better!


Maggie is a farmer's daughter with a touch of wilderness to her.

Born with the green gift, she was apprenticed to her grandmother, sent to go live with the old crone at the age of seven. Her grandmother instructed her in the Old Ways, stressing the importance of nurturing and growth, while Ashtivar found herself far more fascinated by form shifting, much to her grandmother's displeasure.

Still, she managed to do well enough to make it home alive at fifteen, where she spent her time helping her family with the farm while making eyes at boys.

At the age of 19, she was married. Things seemed to be going well, until the Curse.

She doesn't remember the circumstances of her change, nor does she recall much of her actions while feral. The memories blur, a haze of images that don't seem to make much sense.

But she does remember the death of her husband, and how damn delicious he was.


Restored to her senses, she spent some time trying to understand and cope with her actions and her loss, before eventually coming to peace, if not happiness.

The entirety of her family destroyed (as far as she knows,) she adopted a new name and surname and set the past behind her, choosing to use her experiences as a bolster to seize life by the balls and live it for all it's worth!