Arkanae Sin'rendas

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Player character
Blood Elf
207 lbs.
This crimson armor-clad man maintains good posture. His overall appearance suggests humble, yet high standards upon his personal appearance. His hair is ebon as the night sky and drapes loosely about his shoulders and further down his chest. His armor shines a soft, radiant light that illustrates that he places much care into its maintenance.
His tabard hails the symbol of the Blood Knights of Quel'thalas. It appears aged and tattered, the condition telling of many stories, sights and experiences the man has had in his days. His expression is calm and collected, tempered through worldly wisdom and compassion.
Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands
House Sin'rendas
Arkanae Sin’rendas was born to a middle-class high-elven man and woman. During the stages of his childhood, he developed a sense of justice from his father, a Farstrider of Quel’thalas. He quickly adopted a pious lifestyle inspired by his Priestess mother, Rainea Sin’rendas.
He spent little time with his older sibling Keryth, who would later follow their mother’s calling to become a priest himself. Feeling he could better serve the Light’s cause than training merely as a priest, he began seeking military training in his relative elven teens. Soon after the formation of the Blood Knights, he was quick to follow the promises made by Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider. In a matter of weeks after the Knights’ forming, he enlisted and began his career as a servant of Quel’thalas.
As Arthas had betrayed their people, soon too would Kael’thas turn against his own subjects for promises of power. Arkanae discovered that the fate of those who spoke out against the Prince’s tyranny were executed. Their ears were severed from their heads and sent in packages to all those suspected of treason and were made an example of. The truth of the Blood Knights’ betrayal discovered, Arkanae decided to abandon his post in the Order and forge a new path - one that would restore him to the Light. Unconvinced by the fallen Prince’s propaganda suggesting their people were “cut off” from the Light, he began his own investigation surrounding the origins of the propaganda. Armed only with a vague clue as to this man’s whereabouts, Arkanae pressed forward, vowing never to return to Quel’thalas until he could forgive himself for the transgressions his people made upon its own.
In his travels for divine guidance, the path he sought introduced itself in the Eastern Plaguelands. There, he had met the man his friend’s final clue had pointed out. An old human hermit by the name of Tirion Fordring. Fordring, having been an exile from his homeland for defending his honor, it was indeed a chance encounter that would forever influence Arkanae’s career. After performing many trials in Fordring’s aid, the human paladin decided he would aid the honorable blood elf in return. Through the exiled paladin’s tutelage, Arkanae withstood rigorous mental and physical training. With each lesson, he found an appreciation for the tenets of the shield, soul, and the importance of balance in all things of the universe.
With the enlightenment bestowed upon him, he learned to wield the Light without the aid of stolen Holy magic from the Naaru Xi’ri. He adopted the code all adherents of the Holy Light carry - the three virtues. With respect, tenacity and compassion, Arkanae reached the true understanding of the Light; the principles that guide all men and women who walk the path of the Light.
In recent years, Arkanae has returned to his service as a Blood Knight of Silvermoon. Having forgiven the past, he intends to bring his sense of honor and devotion to the Light to the ranks of the Blood.
With the war in Pandaria raging on, Arkanae has taken to a personal investigation regarding the nature of the Sha. He seeks greater knowledge and understanding. Months into the war, he began informal training with the Kun-Lai monks of the Shado-Pan monastery. After expanding his philosophical ideals and studying the Pandaren way of life, he decides on continuing his journey as a paladin.
Through each major conflict on Azeroth, Arkanae has been fighting to uphold the three virtues faithfully. Joining causes that would sacrifice as much as possible to defend his ideals, he can be found anywhere on Azeroth where there is a need for his abilities and influence.