Alma Dewfeather

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Player character
Tiny One
Blood Elf


Very well kept light silver hair, her eyes a bit more  sea green than emerald, body thin, and has a jagged cross like scar on her cheek.
Physically she's small and tiny, revealing her lack of real battle and mostly standing behind a larger, more well armored person she is protecting with her powers. Although she can and will go out on her own for questing, she'd prefer to do it with a group. Her sea green eyes hold a more blue hue, and are bright and vibrant, expressing most of her emotions. Her hair is pale white, though those who knew her as a child realize that she had blond hair before her fathers death. Normally she is wearing two piercings in her upper ears, and an old, slightly dented circlet of the Church of Light.
At first glance she's a curious, pondering, sort if airy person. She's more than willing to interact with other races, even if the Blood Elves are known to be a bit prehensive about talking to others. If a person is injured, she will most likely jump in to heal them, and is more than happy to help any tank in battle. 
However, she is a very sheltered child, and tends to flush at any drop of something perverse, and cringe at the mention of un-needed violence. Actually, those cheeks of her are a fantastic lie detector. Sometimes she's very nervous about certain conversations, and becomes very weary around mages.
For a priest she has an odd amount of battle scars, however. here is an odd claw like scar on her shoulder where she had been struck by ghouls as a child, but she hides it often. 
Sometimes covered beneath a long length of bandage, there is a scar of a blade cut from the center of her left cheek down to her chin, the blade evidently hot from the slight burn scars around it. It's joined by another blade cut to form a cross of sort. There are what appears to be sharp canine bite marks on the length of her arm, and another harsh tattooed scar on her left hand of what looks to be an eye with a tear, also drawn with the length of a hot knife, and given no time to heal.
East Sanctum


The last of the Dewfeather, She is a young, and timid priest well known for almost always offering to a call of help. If someone is hurt, or someone needs protection and asks for it, she is more than willing to jump in. Those in the darker places of the world know that she is also rather naive, and is considered easy to trick. Rumors state she was dating a sadistic mage. 
Lady of Helios Lightmender.
Her family comes from a long line of priests, well known for their very bright attitudes. There are very few left though, mostly due to the ghouls of the Dead Scar being the death of many wandering Dewfeather children. Although their home is in the East Sanctum, they lived after the Scourge Attack in the Farstrider Retreat.
Alma was the smallest (but not youngest)  of all of the Children, having grown slowly and having such wide sea green eyes. Her two older brothers who had always been protective of her dubbed her 'Tiny One', being the smallest of the line, even if she was not the youngest. Her father, once a priest under The Church of Light, and  taught her well of the principles  even after the loss of the Sunwell when she was but a child of 20.  Though she speaks well of her family, she had lost her mother to the Scourge Invasion, her youngest brother to the trolls, the second oldest brother to battles against the Scourge with the Farstriders, and her eldest brother in protecting her from the demons on the scar. Her father had passed last alongside several Farstriders as well in the attempt to save her life from ghouls. Her faith in protecting others and the Light dimmed that day.
For a long time she survived on her own as the last Dewfeather. She spent much of her time alone before being swept under the wing of a sadistic Mage, Orianth, clinging to the sense of usefulness while being the victim to his dagger and lust for mana. When he vanished her sense of usefulness left, forlorn and wandering she made her way home. When the sun came up and its warmth surrounded her, she found her calling again, remembering the words from her father.
Alma now stands with renewed strength, and continues to train in the ways of a Priest and a healer, using her abilities to protect and heal others. Recently she was engaged to Elhanan Lightmender, who has been her totem of strength since their meeting. She deeply loves, and cares for him, and would do anything to ensure his safety and his happiness.
Elhanan Lightmender Fiance
Gaash Lightmender Addoptive Mother