Ai'yalla Khaston

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Player character
Senator Khaston


The old man shook his head chuckling softly, his weathered hand clutched the quill while he finished a signature before handing it off the scroll. Sitting back in his seat he sank into the plush velvet cushion, his eyes staring off into nothingness as he ran his fingers through his silvery beard letting out a sigh. 
"Couldn't find anyone in the abbey by the name of Aiyalla Traugott, could you? Well I suspected she'd run off to find another adventure. I suppose I should describe her for you, might help with recognizing her when you finally do see her. 
I guess I should start by saying; the child has never met a stranger. Everyone she meets is met with the most welcoming and kind smile, it seems the smile comes from all over, and I think it’s a mask. It’s a mask for the mischievous glint in those emerald eyes of hers. You can’t look into them without the feeling she’s planning her next outing, bound and determined to seek out a worthy cause. 
I wouldn’t look for a girl in a dress, although she does wear them, but she’s always so excited to put on her armor… The more dented and worn the better. Child is proud of every flaw she has in her mail. Boasting that it all came from some trial the Light places before her and she passed. But more times than not, it’s because she lost her footing and gravity bested her. 
She’s not a paladin; she’s a cleric, however as much as she spends time with those in combat training you’d think she was a warrior in the making. You’ll find her in the city most likely, sitting at the Cathedral listening to tales of fought battles, perched on the edge of her seat, Allie loves to think of herself as one of the boys… The boys however can’t seem to see her as more than another beauty for them to parade in front of.
Well that’s enough now. I’ve given more than enough to go off of. Find her and tell her, she’s much training to do.”

Ai'yalla was born to missionaries out in Stranglethorn Vale, her parents spent their entire adult lives befriending high priestesses and religious figures in the Vale, and became accepted by the tribes. As Allie matured her mother and father called upon their dear friend and head of the Northshire abbey and sent her off on her fourteenth birthday to study there, for the next six years she studied under watch of the Bishop to become a Cleric (as she was clumsy and felt it was for everyone's well being if she never wielded a weapon... ever).

A week before turning twenty-one she met the love of her life, Esmond Khaston. At the time he was Archon of the Order of Sepulchre, an Order that would also train her briefly before a calling would beckon them away. As Esmond left the Sepulchre, he and Allie learned of an Order that had been passed down to him. A birthright, he was to help his people, to lead the Order of Goldrinn, and as dutiful loving wife, Ai'yalla stepped up to stand at his side.