Acorah Fatewhisper

Character page

In-game name: 
Character type: 
Player character
Rune Reader
Blood Elf
An awkward sort of sickly thin young adult in tattered robes and clothes that really don't match, he moves with a hobble more than a walk. 
His skin is so pale he looks translucent, his pupils dilated as if he's hit the thistle one too many times recently... or not recently enough. His face is extremely symmetrical, hauntingly so. An attentive character may pinpoint this but most will likely just find him jarring to look at for some reason. The elf's long black hair is tied into a ponytail that rests over on one side of his chest.
The kid seems skittish but sometimes works up the courage to offer to read someone's runes in exchange for food, cash, or his next drug hit.

This Sin'dorei's alleged history is that he is a young clairvoyant and fortune teller turned to drugs to squelch recurring visions that make no sense from his mind.

Highlight for Spoilers:

Acorah is a young, time-lost Bronze Whelpling who turning into an Infinite. He is indeed young and clairvoyant and is having visions--he is seeing glimpses of the plotline of Warlords of Draenor which is wibbly wobbly and it both confuses and terrifies him. He can't go to his flight for help with his problems because he's somewhere between Bronze and Infinite and his flight will likely kill him.

He's hiding among mortals in a highly magical place because it makes it hard for him to detect. Yes, he's using drugs, yes he reads rune fortunes for people. He's not very powerful or dangerous. In actuality, he's frightened and rather vulnerable good natured kid. He's made some mortal allies to help protect him and he considers them the closest things to friends that he has, and he does try to help them. He still tries to support himself by selling fortune readings for a gold and trying to fit in.


This character is an NPC made specifically to foreshadow Warlords of Draenor. He'll either die or wind up a non-combat pet for someone and make random cameos.