Acaellus Thorne

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Player character
Bud, Buddy, Bubba (To a select few)
Keeper of the Graves
Deep Purple


Owl Form
Before you sits a great horned owl with dark plumage, with light brown feathers framing a flat face, pale beak, and bright golden eyes.  The birds golden eyes are eyes that would seem to pierce the very soul if they looked deep enough. They are eyes that have seen a lot. The owl hoots a few times, and then flies off towards the graveyard, where he is most likely found, a fitting place for such a large and nocturnal creature. It would land atop a pillar, a gravestone, a tree branch, and hoot, as if praying to the moon, and would often preen itself. And should someone walk by, the bird would speak, in a soft, and deep voice, "What brings you to my graveyard, stranger?"
Worgen form:
Should one come late enough in the evening, they'd spot a tall worgen, who wears the usual ceremonial dress of the druids. Perhaps he is of some sect of druid, who is to say for he wears no formal emblems suggesting which sect he is of. However he seems soft-spoken, shy, and quiet, as if used to the whispers of the grave he keeps watch over. With brown fur, and a small beard, the worgen doesn't look to be too intimidating, and he can often be seen near a grave, humming old druidic prayers and burning sage and incense. Yet he always seems to wander to a lone person within the grave, speaking to them quietly, and then moving to another grave to pray. 
Stormwind Graveyard
Somewhere in the forests of Ashenvale
Clan Thorne, Druids of the Pack


When the humans first arrived upon Kalmidor and met the elves, half elves were born, and among the half elven families, the Thorne's were created.  With the elvish blood within them, the Thorne clan was able to study among the ranks of the druids, and had fallen into the sect of the Druids of the Pack. Learning to take on the form of a wolf, the Thornes lost themselves to the curse, and were unable to revert, becoming, essentially, some of the first "worgen." However, two Thornes regained their mind and freedom, Dorian and Acaellus Thorne, father and son. 
Without a pack, or a calling for them, the Thornes set out to find something to state the want of being needed by nature, and soon enough they found it. The two found that if they preformed ancient druidic burial rights upon animal graves, the forest around the graves would flourish, and the area seemed more at pace, and calm. Feeling that this was their calling, the Thornes named them selves, "Keepers of the Graves." 
While Dorian stayed within Kalmidor, Acaellus traveled, and eventually came upon a large animal burial sight within the, as it would come to be known as, Gilnean province. He kept the grave and said the prayers, and once the humans expanded, offered his services to the humans, who reluctantly accepted him. 
When the Forsaken besieged the Gilneans and forced the humans to flee, the old Keeper stayed, keeping to the trees and within his flight form to stay hidden. However, seeing as no new bodies were being buried in his graveyard, Acaellus yearned to do what he was destined to do. So he took flight, and ended up within the large burial grounds of Stormwind. Where he keeps watch today. The farthest from the graveyard one would find this large owl, would be the portcullis behind the Stormwind Cathedral, where he could hoot and pray to the moon and preen his feathers in the moonlight. 
So I realize that this is rather random, and most people are probably thinking "What would a half elf be doing as a druid?" Well I took a few liberties with the lore, so tough titties to all the lore freaks out there. Half elves probably exist, and for all we know, they probably could of been druids. I just wanted to try something new and fresh with the idea of a Grave Keeper since there aren't any and no one seems to keen on the idea of a creepy old worgen / owl talking to them in spooky graveyards. 
So what does a Keeper of the Graves do exactly you may ask. Well they're the grounds keeper of a cemetery, and a undertaker all in one. They prepare the bodies for being buried, say rights and prayers to Elune over the bodies, bury them, and keep the graveyards clean and nice. He is also in charge of keeping all "Defilers" out, such as necromancers, warlocks, dark mages, and shadow priests who are there to cause harm to the spirits at rest there. Most likey, and of course if you want your character to NOT know him, feel free, but most Gilneans have probaly heard of him or at least seen him in the old Gilneas graveyard. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to ICly ask them, or OOCly ask them, I will try my best to answer them all :D Thank
you for reading this!
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