Abdzen Al-Zaxxair

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Character type: 
Non-player character
Con Artist

Zaxxair wraps his intangible, blue, energy-comprised form in long strips of cloth, as many an ethereal is wont to; his seem to be made of Netherweave and are dyed black. He wears a long kilt, a mantle, bracers and a hood, all of which are a rich dark scarlet in color and have black trimming. He carries no weapon or staff.

If he is in combat there's a good chance that it is not Zaxxair who is before you, but a shadowmancer that has been sent to kill on his behalf. Ethereals all seem to look alike, don't they?

The Nine Rings

This man is the shrewd, silver-tongued founder and current leader of a small ethereal organization known as the Nine Rings. He personally oversees all of the Nine Rings' operations via a network of Eyes of Kilrogg conjured by him, and also personally engages in the most sensitive and lucrative of its sales. He closely observes his people, pays them well and harshly disciplines any of them who act out of line; this ensures that the Nine Rings are his will made manifest.

His company sells just about any good and service in the universe, and he lacks the moral qualms that would keep many from offering professional assassins or dangerous weaponry. If Zaxxair doesn't have something you want, odds are good that he can find someone out there in the cosmos who does and steal it from them. Zaxxair's clients will find the ethereal quite personable, if somewhat loquacious and sardonic. But those who would interfere with his business or violate the terms of a contract with him will find they've made a cold, calculating enemy with a small army of brutally efficient thugs.

He is, by his own admission, utterly indifferent to the laws and customs of whatever worlds his organization operates in except where they are beneficial to him. He therefore frequently pulls investment scams and sells defective merchandise to open members of the Alliance and the unaligned. Strangely, he works out only mutually-beneficial deals with customers from the Horde, implying a degree of sympathy for their cause.

Although a warlock, Zaxxair considers himself a businessman before a demonologist. His proficiency with fel magic extends only to spells that assist in his business; he has no real combat proficiency of his own and prefers to let hired muscle do the fighting for him. He can summon at least a hundred Eyes of Kilrogg at a time and has so little trouble maintaining his focus on them all that he can freely move around. He can also summon members of his organization to his current location and teleport to the safety of wherever he creates demonic circles.