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One Step Closer


"We've spotted another rogue necropolis, but this time, we saw it leave Icecrown Plateau. It's heading southeast, presumably making for the Eastern Plaguelands, where Thariaxxas ended up. We don't know why it left or why it's heading there."

Too Little Too Late


"Miss Winthrope, this just came for you." Briona Merton smiled politely as she approached the dining table where Koirah was seated, enjoying her morning tea. 

Fairsong Academy - Terellion's Journal

Other characters: 

I’ve been spending a lot of time at home since we found out. I wish I knew what to say to make Mother and the girls feel better. I guess that’s how Hethurin feels. There’s nothing you can say, really. She’s scared about losing the house, but I told her I still have my job and I’ll send home everything. It’s not like I need a lot of money here, anyway. And then she got some gold in the mail, she doesn’t know who it was from.

Nothing Written in Stone

Strigine left the meeting alight with inspiration as she picked her way down the stairs toward the Ironforge common. The Bronzebeard lad’s suggestion was an excellent one. She could accomplish so much more with an apprentice and the art of golem making would be a huge contribution to the Alliance… if they were willing and able to do what it took to make them.

Imralion's Journal


I thought everything would be great once I got back. And it is, mostly. Aeramin was there waiting right at the dragonhawk keeper when I landed, and he’d already arranged for us to go to the school for dinner. Which was totally fine by me, I don’t think I trust the food at the inn, Forsaken have been touching it. Do they even have tongues? How can they cook if they can’t taste if something is good or not?

The Phylactery


"By the way, that 'accident' on the Deeprun Tram last week was us. We were attacked twice while we were in the Tram tunnels, but I am reasonably sure that the lich itself did not initiate or participate in those attacks. The lich spirit remained dormant until we woke it up by throwing its phylactery into white-hot lava."

The Taskmaster

Other characters: 

You cannot quit, because we cannot afford to let you go. And we cannot afford to let you go because it would be very easy for one of our enemies or our rivals or our so-called allies to use you against us. And someone would, eventually, because it is so easy. You make it easy.”

Tathariel's Journal


It was my birthday not very long ago. Ordinarily I don’t really remember it at all, other than the fact that it’s at the end of the summer. I’ve lost track of how many years ago it was, because it didn’t really matter — or it didn’t used to. I noticed this year because Relanos has got so big. He certainly doesn’t look like a baby anymore, there’s no trying to fool myself into believing that’s true.

In A Dreamstate.


What I witnessed was naught more than the blank canvas of my mind; a frigid, lifeless plane. I met the void for as far as the eye can see. I wandered aimlessly in the emptiness, desperately searching for purpose, or signs of life. I experienced an insatiable desire to reclaim all that I had known in a past life, scrambling about in my perpetual state of despair. I was imprisoned in the void with no means of escape.


I collapsed to my knees as the space beneath me became tangible. I must have found the surface, I thought. As my movements grew silent, I heard the cackling of a voice that echoed in the void. Its tone dark; guttural and filled with malice. It threatened to claim the last fibers of my being. I stood to my feet, clenching my heart knowingly. It was the one last thing the darkness could not claim of mine. It may shatter my physical form, but it would not sever my spirit. I would endure, for my resolve was stronger than my assailant.


Bit by bit, I could feel what little warmth trapped within me being pulled away. My legs grew frail until I could no longer feel them, for they had joined the void. Fear held claim upon me as my torso followed suit; and soon my arms faded from existence. What little I could see in the lonely dark was the last to swallow me. Before I knew it, I was gone.


For an eternity I existed as a wandering spirit. I was lost in the void; caught between tangibility and nothingness. I wandered the void as a twisted reminder of the futility of mortality. We were meant to live and breathe, to experience the joy of life and all its graces. However strong one might be in life, there is but one inevitable truth; we must all greet Death.




It was then that I gave in to despair. My fate was sealed; I had met my end.

Fairsong Academy - Letter from Maerista


Dear Father,

The school has certainly been busy lately! The magister’s friend and her brother have been staying here


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