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Lady Rimegrin

There was a memory which always lingered in her mind, faintly touching her like the strand of a cobweb, unexpected and difficult to remove. Even after she thought she had exorcised this particular memory, still it lingered, decaying in the back of her brain with the slow passage of time. Becoming worse with each day.

Linarelle's Journal

Other characters: 

I brought dinner by for Aeramin and Im last night, it sort of became a habit after sampling the food at the inn. It may be a little cold by the time I get there, but at least it’s still good. I got a little distracted talking to the girls there at school. I don’t often get a chance to talk about regular girl things, usually it’s only ranger things. Des was talking about the winter ball they plan to hold there, that’ll be fun.

A Tangle of Brambles 109


Fog clings to the flanks of the hills this time of year, lending the whole place an air of mystery — and maybe melancholy, too. The mountains are close, so the snow starts to creep down and nestle in the low spots that never see much sunlight. And the rooms are cold, compared to home. Drafty and only a few have fireplaces, and those are too small to be much use. That’s if you can be bothered to find wood anyway.

Under Cragholme I


"The ice has melted back from the old Earthen city of Cragholme (that's how the name translates) so the Explorer's League returned to continue excavating it last week. They sent for me to have a look at the Nerubian ruins underneath it. I had just assumed that they would leave those levels sealed, but of course they didn't."

Honor and Prejudice


People were upset when we were let go after 10 years only. There were some manifestation to keep us inside, but we had mostly been forgotten. The Defias were long gone in people’s mind and it was good because most of them had way more important thing to take care of.




Tahlrem had heard, not saying he believed it but he had heard. Through all of his worries, him trying to redeem his family name and his house, he had heard that one of his brother, the one they deemed an uncleanable stain on the family heritage, had gone, recruited himself in the militia, and had attained acting deputy status with the Stormwind marshals.



Hansem faces a haunting presence within him, while wearing the flag of a disgraced family

The Haunted Monastery


Somehow, Ollanius persuaded a big contingent of Conclave troops to go into a dark hole in the ground on a search for corpses and ghosts in Deadwind Pass.

Xanaroth's Notes

* Back in Shattrath at last. While there are certainly worse places we could have been — Kalimdor, for example — the charm and intrigue had long worn off Shadowmoon Valley. The smell in the air is unbearable at times, and I had no idea there was a settlement of bird-people there. When the wind is just right, the sound of their squawking carried all the way to our room at the inn. That repair-boy had to come at least six times to repair holes in the roof from infernals; I’d almost think they were aiming, but he assured me that other rooms need even more repairs.

The Fall of Prodeus II


"When I looked up again, Prodeus was emptying a bag of saronite bombs on the floor. Lady Crysen was trying to reason with him. Monette had leapt onto Daleson's back and was setting to work with her knives. Prodeus drew a cube from yet another pocket and tossed that on the floor too. It unfolded into a robot, which started spraying the room with flames."


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