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Meet the Rocclaws pt 2

Skal picked at her teeth with a bone as she sat atop the icy bluff, watching the ruckus below in War’gol. Bright yellow eyes framed with deliberate ashen smudges widened and narrowed in turns at the foreigners as she nodded to herself. Mumbling, chuckling, and long pauses accompanied her fidgeting. She wasn’t caught off guard by the crunching snow behind her. The green orc was making no attempt to creep up on her and Skal respected that by not reaching for a weapon to acknowledge the approach.

Prologue: Friendly Fire


Shepard moved through the charred, dead brush silently, looking down near her feet at the tracks she'd been following. She surveyed her surroundings, chuckling a little at the thought that she had volunteered for this position. She could see now, observing the fields of ash and fire, why nobody else had stepped forward to be stationed in the Searing Gorge.

Out of the Frying Pan

Other characters: 

Sangnoir and the drakes have been "rescued" by a mixed group of Horde and Alliance soldiers planning a desperate escape from the Tanaan Jungle.

Meet the Rocclaws


It had taken her a bit to fully understand what was going on. In fact, Svarga was not 100% sure she did fully understand what was going on. Magic had never been her area of expertise. It wasn't until sometime after they'd already gone through the portal she realized that they weren't going to Outland. At least, not the Outland she knew but one older and not yet broken. They'd gone into the past. The world of her ancestors.


To Another World


((This is a double post. The first half is my own writing and the second half was a response from my fiance and fellow RPer Jake. Varzan, a seasoned Draenei Vindicator, and his new pupil Kinza had spent several weeks fighting the iron hord offensive before receiving new orders to storm the portal. Apparently Varzan had signed some paperwork to the effect that they were both able and willing to accept missions of 'highly dangerous nature'. Niether of them is aware that the portal will lead them into the heart of the Tenaan Jungle, where Varzan had fought a loosing war against land and legion thirty years earlier.))

Sweet Dreams

"Sweet dreams," The bartender bid the old Dark Iron cheerfully as she finished her ale and packed up her pipe.

Reinforcements Have Arrived


“We were lucky that the gnome found us before the the orcs did.” Sangnoir and his netherdrake friends are still stranded in the Tanaan Jungle with the Iron Horde, but they don't seem to be the only ones.

Netherdrake Down


We hit the ground well beyond the Dark Portal. All around us, Horde and Alliance troops had engaged the Iron Horde. But this side of the Portal is the orcs' staging area, well-fortified.


Other characters: 

"Arstan Sangnoir, I have made the decision to dispatch you to Draenor-red, the land behind the new Dark Portal, the home of the Iron Horde.  Your mission is to investigate the origin of the shadow magic used by the Iron Horde..."


Another Draenor


"I'm trying to look on the bright side of things right now. Keeping us alive will distract me from just how mad I am at Zelestai and Archmage Khadgar or whether Sareen is alive or where she might be. Zelestai was hell-bent and determined to get Oryaku and me through that damned portal, and she succeeded."


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