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The Hunter Returns

It was approaching sunset as Runeclaw stood silently behind the large tree, one hand braced on the trunk as she peered around it. The sweet-scented Mulgore breeze ruffled the feathers in her hair as the sky blossomed red and gold behind the distant mountain ridge. Not too far away stood a weary Tauren. His muscular shoulders were hunched under the heavy burden of exhaustion and grief, but a large, ornate bow at his side seemed to keep him propped upright. Runeclaw had been watching him for the better part of an hour.

The Beginnings of a Dragglehoof

This is a very brief autobiography I wrote for Runeclaw. Even though the original Runeclaw has moved on to another server, her doppelganger lives on WrA and I felt sharing the original RC's humble beginnings was important since a lot of her life is in her blog here.

A Rescue of Sorts - Part Three

Runeclaw and the hunter have bitten off way more than they can chew on the Isle of Giants, and in the conclusion to "A Rescue of Sorts," Runeclaw finally has to reveal her secret to save her friend but will it cost them both everything?

A Rescue of Sorts - Part Two

Months have passed since Runeclaw and the hunter crossed paths. Runeclaw has some hard choices to make before she can move on with her life, but her decisions get sidetracked as the pair decide to embark on one more hunt together.

A Rescue of Sorts - Part One

Runeclaw meets up unexpectedly with one very determined hunter. The roots of new friendship begin take hold as the pair engage in a decidedly unorthodox melding of hunter and beast.

I had a co-author help form the basis for the hunter character and some of his actions, but I did a ton of heavy-handed editing in the end to keep the whole thing more in line with Runeclaw's style.


Runeclaw's downward spiral continues as she watches Horde and Alliance wring Sha from the land of Pandaria with their constant warring.

Immolation, Part II

A two-part story in continuation of what happened to Runeclaw after receiving the returned letter from Dalaran.

Immolation, Part I

A two-part story in continuation of what happened to Runeclaw after receiving the returned letter from Dalaran.

Rise Up!


This is an IC poem that Eabæ wrote for the poetry contest portion of the Nobelgarden Ball hosted at Stormwind Keep. It didn't go quite the way she had intended but it was heartfelt and she wanted to share the whole story, not just the poetry, nonetheless.

To Whom It May Concern


Runeclaw stared disbelievingly at the letter held in numb fingers. The edges of the creamy envelope were crumpled for the missive had traveled far and back. There was a faded grey water stain in the shape of a lightning bolt streaking diagonally across the surface that soaked clear through from front to back.

Whereabouts Unknown. Return to Sender.


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