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Thanks for the Memories

Other characters: 
"This aughta be quick, just gotta drop some stuff off at void storage."
”I think I’ll get a bit of lunch while you attend to business." Anukaar mused, hesitating at the foot of the stairs. "I heard a barker for Summer’s Rest say something about a special on sunstones and tiger opal which sounds delightful.”

Meet the Rocclaws pt 2

Skal picked at her teeth with a bone as she sat atop the icy bluff, watching the ruckus below in War’gol. Bright yellow eyes framed with deliberate ashen smudges widened and narrowed in turns at the foreigners as she nodded to herself. Mumbling, chuckling, and long pauses accompanied her fidgeting. She wasn’t caught off guard by the crunching snow behind her. The green orc was making no attempt to creep up on her and Skal respected that by not reaching for a weapon to acknowledge the approach.

Meet the Rocclaws


It had taken her a bit to fully understand what was going on. In fact, Svarga was not 100% sure she did fully understand what was going on. Magic had never been her area of expertise. It wasn't until sometime after they'd already gone through the portal she realized that they weren't going to Outland. At least, not the Outland she knew but one older and not yet broken. They'd gone into the past. The world of her ancestors.


Sweet Dreams

"Sweet dreams," The bartender bid the old Dark Iron cheerfully as she finished her ale and packed up her pipe.

Long Ago in Blackrock...

"That robe’s too tight about th’ hips. I’m positive you’ve others that fit you proper. And you aught to be wearin somethin under that, th’ top’s too low."

Twilight Reflections

Twilight Reflections

A Brief Ethereal Dream

Other characters: 
He wasn’t sure if they counted as dreams, really.  It had been a long time since he’d slept.  Since any Ethereal had slept. But still they experienced… something. Flashbacks, certainly. He’d never met a fellow Ethereal who wasn’t damaged in some way from the way they’d been torn from their world and their bodies.  But something else too.  He wasn’t asleep. He could see the parchment beneath his pen. The words flowing artfully with the flick of his wrist… but at the same time, he was elsewhere. 

Prelude to a Death Knight pt1

((Set before Wrath of the Lich King))

Nothing Written in Stone

Strigine left the meeting alight with inspiration as she picked her way down the stairs toward the Ironforge common. The Bronzebeard lad’s suggestion was an excellent one. She could accomplish so much more with an apprentice and the art of golem making would be a huge contribution to the Alliance… if they were willing and able to do what it took to make them.

A Familiar Face

It wasn’t movement Strigine noticed out of the corner of her eye, but rather the lack thereof. A single figure froze not far from her. She quirked a bushy brow and flicked her ruby gaze in his direction. The lad, though most would hardly call the bald Dark Iron man with a graying beard a lad but he was younger than Strig and that qualified him as far as she was concerned, was watching her with wide eyes. He’d paled to a sickly limestone color as she made eye contact.  He looked familiar. Her own eyes narrowed. Familiar was bad.


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