Unexpexted Dinner Guests

Other characters: 

The orcs trudged through the fel-blasted canyon. They were weary and bloodied froms days of battle. At last, it seems, the invasions into Horde lands had stopped.

The nearest rest posts were on the border of Stonetalon, so the captain sent out his precious few uninjured scouts to make sure they didn’t walk into any demon traps on their way to the fort.

Kolgath frowned as his wolf trudged into the forest’s edge. For now, he was alone.
Hours passed without sign of the Legion or the fort and the hour was growing late. He tried to turn around but didn’t recognize the arrangement of the trees behind him, and the path he walked was absent. The orange rocks of Stonetalon contrasted with the emerald canopy above, and in his tired squinting it almost looked as though the ground was aflame.


Until his wolf halted and howled. The creature bucked and threw him to the dust before vanishing into the underbrush. A bony crunch silenced a brief lupine whimper. Kolgath stood and brandished his father’s axe, a weapon that had been as far flung as Outlands and in as hellish a place as Icecrown Citadel.

“Show yourself demon! Know that Kolgath, son of Gord takes your head.” And he snarled, readying himself for battle. The bush in front of him shifted and he charged forward roa-

-Until his fury caught in his throat and his body ceased moving. Without wanting to, his arms threw his axe aside, and he pushed himself to his knees. A yellow eyed black snake slithered along the ground before rising up to stare at him straight in the face.

His mouth openned of its own accord and the snake lunged forward. His eyes went black and he screamed without sound as claws and teeth tore at his body even past the point he should have met oblivion.

The scouts finally returned to their captain, and Kolgath reported seeing the fort not far from their present position. A troll charged up on foot, missing his weapon arm and covered in demon blood. He collapsed to his knees and panted out warnings between each breath. “Legion… Patrol… To north…” The captain quickly decided.

“Make for the fort as quick as we can. Gather the wounded… HURRY.” And the soldiers rushed to make way to the encampment. Half an hour of rushed marching later they ended up in a destroyed tauren camp… But one destroyed decades ago based on the state of the ruins. There was a post in the middle of the camp with the skeleton of a tauren chained to it.

“Kolgath? What’s this?!” His captain demanded.

Korr slithered out of Kolgath’s mouth as the dead orc’s body slumped to the dirt. “Dinner…” A raspy voice hissed out.

A hissing chuckle was the last thing they heard before gripping their heads in agony as beams of shadow raked across their bodies.