Serpentrise (concept continuation)

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"It's here I know it is!" shrieked a feminine voice at him.

"Hrmph, if I didn't know any better I'd think you wanted the Horde to find you," replied a gruff voice.

"Hah, well, if they come NOW they'll have to contend with..." A slender hand pulled back the foliage revealing a rock in a clearing.

And embedded in the rock, flashing red lightning, lay Wakichonze, the weapon of Apophus Abd'Zoth.


He could hardly believe his eyes, how could this girl have sensed it and not him. It shouldn't have been possible. He looked down to his relatively demure companion, "You did well Rithlana, I'm sure he would be proud."

She shrugged, "Well don't start praising my name and worshiping my footsteps JUSSST yet." Her grin flashed toothily across her face. "The dream said it would be either you or me. Once it was you, once it was me."

"Not Nukore?"

"Never Nukore. Father loved her too, but she... disappointed him once. He never spoke of it. I've never let him down however."

"And what about the third?"

"Oh, she should be embedded in Silvermoon's red light district by now, funneling information into the fissures beneath the Connection."

Crag Venomblood frowned and turned to face the Scythe, it was larger than he remembered and terrible to behold. Its blade was still red with old blood and Kalimag runes lined the upper portion of the head. Its haft was wrapped in Qiraji silk and where the electrical "chain" once connected, there were three jutting spikes.

Crag curled his lips and snorted, "Wakichonze..." Rithlana blinked her blood-red eyes at him, "Hmm, well as his daughter, I suppose its my duty to go first." She strolled up and reached out for the Scythe. The instant her fingers touched it she shrieked as if hell suddenly scorched her. "Damnation!" She pulled back, her hand smoking. "Well, Uncle... your turn."

The dark Tauren moved up to the rock and bowed his head respectfully thinking to himself, "Give me the strength to protect our people in time of need, cousin. Give your Clan a sign you still watch over them." With that, he reached out and his fingers wrapped around the hilt. As he slowly pulled the Scythe out, its metal screeched against the rock causing all other sounds to drown out. Red lightning surged around him as Crag pulled Wakichonze, Light-Render completely from the rock.

In that instant, tremors bounded through the Connection.

One heard.

Then two.

Then four.

They were coming.

"Rithlana! Ahk n' fghta!" The girl blinked at his command. "Get out of here! They're coming!" Without a second's hesitation she began to flee but stopped some ways away.

"We'll be at the place it all began when your power is completely merged. Until then, stay alive." The sound of roaring drakes and violet wings appeared over the edge of the mountains. Rithlana turned, tears trickling from her face.

"Those aren't tears of sadness," Crag thought. "She was hoping she was ready for the Scythe."

Suddenly, he felt an unholy presence coil around him and a blood red, slit-pupil eye opened in his mind.

COUSSSIN. It hasss been too long.


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He's baaaack. :O Also, psst: 

'you're power is completely merged'

*your power

Eat them up, yum.

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/nonchalant whistle

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What a prelude to things to come! Can't wait to see what shall happen!

Also, Apo. Glad to see you're back in the game!

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Only for like 5 weeks.

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Awwww! Dang it! >.<

Well... Beggars can't be choosers... *shrug* Still, glad to see you again, Boss-Man.

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Return of the villain, yesss!

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ohhh its good timing too lol ;D

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