In the Depths (Urien the Virtuous Character Retire)

There once was a paladin strong and brave

Who, against husbands and fathers had many a close shave

He defended his home against the undead

Only to return as one who gives dread.

Years passed and eventually he was freed

But guilt continues to hold indeed.

And so he walked alone with his pet Chillbains

And fell into a ditch and there he remains

Frozen in place.

Against evil, just in case.


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Awww. :(

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always love your post wish there was more!!!

Here's to the misfits, rebels, so called outcast.Those that see things differently.You can quote,disagree,glorify or vilify them.The only thing you can't do is ignore them. Some say them crazy, I say genius.Those who usually try to change the world,do.