From the Depths, They Came


First, he sent Anaysa. Her darkness crept into the city and viciously struck at the unsuspecting populace. Imbued by her unseen master below the chains of the world, she was an unstoppable force. No matter how many axes and spears slashed and stabbed her form, none could bring the creature down. Once more, it seemed, Shadra walked the world.

Until, at last, the form exhausted itself and dissipated, the red-eyed serpent Anaysa dipped below the world and returned. Orgrimmar was shaken, but not broken. A more powerful tool of vengeance would be needed.

Lady Ghislania... Orno Grimtotem...

To each the forgotten one reached out. Both fought and shook to drive the presence out until it spoke one word.


The two had never met before, but under the power of the Serpent Below, they felt as they had never felt before. The axes of the guards fell weak against their skin and even the power of the heroes of the Horde could do little to defeat them.

All I asssk... isss you ssstrike Orgrimmar firssst...

The world had not completely forgotten him, but they had thought themselves safe from his Glare.

They thought wrong.


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A great disturbance in the balance, as if a thousand denouncers all suddenly cried out in unison..



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Thats no Tauren...It's a space station.

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little did we know...

...they are all fangirl screams

*looks down*

Apophan: "Om nom nom your soul om nom nom is nummy"

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*fangirl scream*

Horde: Mahryna, Akurah, Mysie, Weatherman, Lyriah, Flamegale, Hadiya
Alliance: Violettah

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*fangirl screams as well and catches mahryna as she faints from her scream*

“You know the greatest danger facing us is ourselves, an irrational fear of the unknown. But there’s no such thing as the unknown– only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood. And that my students is why we learn."

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0.0 yay!!!

Here's to the misfits, rebels, so called outcast.Those that see things differently.You can quote,disagree,glorify or vilify them.The only thing you can't do is ignore them. Some say them crazy, I say genius.Those who usually try to change the world,do.