Chaining the Wind


He sat, cross-hoofed on the ledge. Sky above him and empty space in front of him and to either side. Even just below him. The rock jutted out into the open air far from the comfort of the rock that birthed it. Likewise with each slash of wind or chill whipping across his nose, he clenched his eyes tighter. His fur shifted as his body tightened, not from cold, but from fear.

Crag Venomblood did not trust the sky, it brought storms, lightning and Deathwing. Only now, Deathwing is gone and the storms and lightning were his to command. He snorted at the reversal.

"The sky was your domain, cousin," he hrmphed to no one in particular. "And the hunting grounds were mine. I am a warrior, not a shaman. Command of these eldritch powers was your place and the place of your spawnlings, hrmph. Not for me."

The doubt still lingered at him from time to time. He did not like the possibility of Abd'Zoth creeping into his mind and taking over when it willed, but if nothing else Crag would obey. It was his place to obey. Abd'Zoth had been his cousin, his brother-in-arms, and his warlord.

But that did not make this transition any easier.


His eyes shot open and looked this way and that.


Still nothing.

You hear me. I am Wind. I give you breath and in return you stir me with your movement, force me to do as you will. I am no slave.

The novice Shaman stared in bewilderment at the nothing that spoke to him, he could feel the wind brushing against his ears, which twitched instinctively. "Hrmph, I am Crag, you will obey."

What is Crag? Crag is rock. Rock does not move, nor bend, nor act. You are static. You do not change. You will not change. Crag is rock.

"Rock I may be, but this rock will chain you."

No rock may chain the wind. No rock can halt the wind. You stay still, I curl around. You rise into my domain, Crag, Rock, Mountain, and you invade... but I am ever above you.

"Hrmph, then I will have to change," he lifts hand up and a bolt of lightning cracks through the sky to his hand forming a massive bone-scythe. "I was once Crag, hrmph, but I have changed. I am Apophan until my dying day, and I command you to follow me."

Once was there one called Apophan. The wind suddenly blasts against him colder and more biting than ever. Each whip of the wind like a fist to the face, Crag could barely see in front of him. But he lies dead in the sands... Rock is death, Air is life.

"Hrmph, I see." He holds the scythe aloft, electricity cracking around it as his right eye suddenly widens and turns blood red with a black slit pupil. "Let'ss ssee if you can besst the ssecond Apophan, or if you will sserve him asss well."


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holy shit another apophan

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Apophan: "Om nom nom your soul om nom nom is nummy"

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aw shit son.  it's on now.

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god i love your writing and rp. tax season is almost over. i am pulling at the reigns to be back playing!!!

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