Caging the Fire


The Windshear Crag was a devastated ruin. After years of pillaging by the goblins, and now the war between the Alliance and Horde volleying missiles and gods-knows-what had taken the harsh, yet idyllic landscape and scorched it into nothing but blackened trees jutting like spikes, still smoldering even these many months after their incineration.

The sight made him sick, he hated this place and what it represented: The Horde could trample anywhere, and the Alliance claimed everything. This was -his- homeland. None belonged here in his mind but the Venomblood and their prey. The Venomblood however, were scattered. Only a small handful remained to him.

"S'gatha." He spoke back to a female, aged and creaking as she emerged from her tent, leaning heavily on a sturdy wooden branch.

"Yes, Warlord?" She rasped.

"I'm ready for the Flames."

S'gatha let out a weak laugh, despite her age she still had a certain spark in her cloudy eyes that made Crag slightly uneasy. No one that old should have that much fire left in them. Still, it did add some countermeasure of comfort knowing there was still power with his people. The crone began chanting in Taura'he that in his mind slowly bent and warped into some guttural language, as if every other syllable mattered and the rest was so much hissing around it. A darkness overtook him as he felt her dried fingers drawing markings on his chest and back. With each line he descended further into the darkness. It was a heated void, he could see nothing, but felt as though his fur was on fire.

A crackling sound broke the dead silence and a searing light split the blackness.

I am Fire. I give you warmth and steel your spirit. In return you squelch my growth and stifle my consumption.

"Great one," Crag choked, barely able to breathe in the heat, his throat scratchy from drying out already. "I have come to unite with you, as my predecessor Awakanka did before me. I would see you devour the world once more."

At least thrice I have been promised this. Twice by dragons black as night, once by your predecessor. Why should I think you any different?

"Because my predecessor was my blood, taken too early to complete his work. You and he were linked inextricably, he was a creature of lightning, but in truth, he was a being of the flames."

And you are as well?

"No, you can see into my heart, Great Flame, but I can give you one thing you desire the most."

And that is?

"A feast. Of the elves who stifled you in ages past and of the tauren, trolls and orcs who try to cage you now."

There was a long silence from the Great Flame before Crag awakened. It was nearly morning and S'gatha was nowhere to be seen, neither were the Serpent Maidens. He pushed himself to his feet and stumbled towards a nearby rock to steady himself. He looked up and saw fire licking the edges of his sight, then felt it coil around his hands and back, and all around him.

And he screamed.



Together, we will feast... Apophan.


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yay so glad to read these. always look forward to your post. looking forward to rping again

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Do you ever get that burning sensation...?

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Very beautiful. :D

Most chilling.

*waits in anticipation*


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*puffs on pipe*  Crag's burning sensation. Hrmmmm...  My good sir, I would prescribe Witchhazel for such things.


Outstanding post as usual btw. =)

Good writing and all, but now I want a burger.  Man, roasting taurens always make me hungry for burgers.

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my my will I need to kill Crag too?

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Crag is a weapon, not a leader. He wouldn't nicely let people pound his face in during a dramatic scene. He would just charge and keep charging.

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