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Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAAKE!!!

Kevin sent me!

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That would actually make me reconsider facing Apo if he looked anything like that.

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Moments after this picture was taken; three orphanages caught on fire, seventy-two investigators went mad and were checked into asylums, eighteen babies were born with an eye on their hand, one perfect sandwhich was made, and a gnome was eaten by a giant-minature space hamster's second cousin.

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Actually it was two gnomes.

Apophan: "Om nom nom your soul om nom nom is nummy"

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god i miss rping with you apo lol, love your post

Here's to the misfits, rebels, so called outcast.Those that see things differently.You can quote,disagree,glorify or vilify them.The only thing you can't do is ignore them. Some say them crazy, I say genius.Those who usually try to change the world,do.

I had dreams like this once.


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*Looks at pic*

*Looks at Dorriz*

Me: Good luck, buddy!

Dorriz: What're 'ya NUTS!?