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Unexpexted Dinner Guests

Other characters: 

The orcs trudged through the fel-blasted canyon. They were weary and bloodied froms days of battle. At last, it seems, the invasions into Horde lands had stopped.

The nearest rest posts were on the border of Stonetalon, so the captain sent out his precious few uninjured scouts to make sure they didn’t walk into any demon traps on their way to the fort.

The Old Bull Fades

Other characters: 

The sky burst open and a hellish green-black disk whirled into being over the Barrens. A floating obelisk descended from the burnt clouds into view, fel fire twisted through its mechanical veins as destruction rained over the dry grasslands. Where the bolts hit, the ground burned and green glow shone on the hills and trees.

About Tonight...


Festival of Storm and Flame

The most revered season for adherents of the Old Gods is upon you.

From the Depths, They Came


"Did you think I wasss done with you yet?"

~Heard in the dreams of a Og'lak, Orgrimmar City Guard.


((disclaimer: Meant for fun))

In the Depths (Urien the Virtuous Character Retire)

A little song to close out my alt Urien the Virtuous' story.

Caging the Fire


Crag Venomblood continues his ascension as the Second Apophan.

Having captured the element of Air to his aid, he now ventures to master the Flame.

Chaining the Wind


He sat, cross-hoofed on the ledge. Sky above him and empty space in front of him and to either side. Even just below him. The rock jutted out into the open air far from the comfort of the rock that birthed it. Likewise with each slash of wind or chill whipping across his nose, he clenched his eyes tighter. His fur shifted as his body tightened, not from cold, but from fear.

Crag Venomblood did not trust the sky, it brought storms, lightning and Deathwing. Only now, Deathwing is gone and the storms and lightning were his to command. He snorted at the reversal.

Serpentfall (character retiring)


The Serpent War finally ends. After over two years of struggle, the fate of the Sovereign and the terrors he's inflicted upon the world come home to Ahn'Qiraj.

Just a warning, it's long, I was kinda backlogged on writing so... enjoy huge story!



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