Through the Looking Glass

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With his hands gripped on his staff, the old mage stood in the force field keeping an eye on the younger apprentices as they kept the city high above suspended. His old grey eyes fixated on the two hooded figures as they approaches, he didn't show any fear as the towering elves came even closer. In a silver kind voice he spoke to the new arrivals and bowed his head. 

"Your kind don't normally tread this area..." He looked them over, he realized there was a man and woman, and both heavily shrouded. "I take it you won't be in the city for long." The woman shook her head, pulling the hem of the hood lower to hide her features, the male didn't look up from the ground at all. The only flesh he allowed to be seen was the hand that clutched his mates tightly. "Keep your heads low. Stay on the street and don't go in any allies. You go right to where you need to, may what ever deity you pray to watch over you two." 
Trayle nodded and walked over to the portal and reached for it but stopped as the old man spoke again. "And don't worry warden, you and your demon hunter are safe in the city, you have my word we will send no word to the sentinels." Trayle bowed her head as Ovan walked past her and blindly reached for the portal, in a soft curt tone she said. "Thank you." 
She then reached for the portal and with a snap she felt her body yanked almost violently, the world whipped around her and yowled in ear screeches until she felt her feet land soundly in the cerulean and violent circular room. Gasping for air, she felt Ovan's fingers trace her face, he was clearly taking his chances in assuming she would be the next to teleport into the room. Wobbling from the elevated point and grabbed the other wandering hand and placed it on the other side of her face, reassuring her beloved that it was in fact her. 
"Come, I know this must be painful for you. As soon as we get to Tanaris you will be able to see again." Clasping his hands she lead him down the steps, and looked around for a map, her eyes fell on the giant fountain in the middle of the courtyard with a snort shaking her head. "In second thought, you should be thankful that you cannot see in this city."
They shuffled through the cobblestone streets, through the eclectic crowd, thankful that the people of Dalaran were so used to a vast collection of patrons that nothing seemed out of place. They found the steps that lead up to the purple parlor. "Ok... Take your time, there is a lot of steps... I mean... A lot." Ovan frowned and nodded tightening his grip on Trayle, using her shoulder to stabilize himself as he cautiously tapped each step with his toe before taking the next step. 
They couple was halfway up the staircase, when Trayle caught the elf out the corner of her eye. He was large and his golden eyes were locked on the fumbling pair. The former Warden's eyes narrowed as she looked at the leather clad man who's eyes were burning as he stared them down. 
"Come you need to move quicker." She said softly as she pushed on her love's arm coaxing him to skirt up the stairs quicker. She moved him so he could hold on to not only her but also the railing. "Grip the rail and find your footing faster." Trayle kept her hands braced on Ovan, but her eyes never left the watcher, who in turn never stopped watching them either.
"Why has your voice changed? Something has caused you to sound urgent."
"I need you to move Ovan, someone is watching us."
"What do they look like?" He asked as he did his best to climb faster, taking each step, two stair steps at a time.
"He is tall Kaldorie male, blue hair to his waist, gold eyes, leather armor... daggers. Ok three more steps a platform, and then a second stair case." Ovan let out a defeated groan. "I know but we are close, and I will get you there safely... If I have to let you go..." 
"If I have to let you go! Once you reach the top of the second staircase, the portal will be on your left." She grunted and nearly pulled him up onto the flat platform and yanked his arm and ran for the next staircase. As she placed his hand on the railing and practically shoved him onto the step, she stifled a gasp as she looked back and found the lurker at the top of the steps they had just finished climbing. "Come on, we are nearly finished. Keep moving." 
Ovan growled and looked in Trayle's direction. "I'm not a child, do not speak to me as one!" Even if he couldn't see her, she nodded and kept helping him move up the steps.
The lurker just watched, leaning on the railing as he watched what looked like a crippled man make his way up the steps. As they reached the middle of the case, he moved to the base of the steps. Trayle sucked down the urge to let go of Ovan and take down the stalking elf. They pressed on, and as they reached to top of the case, and with a yelp and a shove Ovan went flying from the his companion, she turned back and snarled at the now clutching lurker. 
"Where ya' takin' that old blind fella?" With a firm back hand he tumbled down several steps and Trayle stood up with a grunt and pulled her shroud off throwing it at the fallen thief. "You!" He roared with a growl, but she was so close to getting her mate to safety that the recognized fugitive didn't look back to validate his suspicions.
"Come on, just a few more steps." She said as she pulled the hooded robes from Ovan, he helplessly looked around trying to get a visual on what was happening.
"Tray-" He didn't have time to ask the question before Trayle shoved him through the portal.
"GO!" She screamed as she felt the fingers of the attacker grip her shoulders. Spinning on her heel she turned his back to the portal and kicked off the banister. If he wanted to face them he would have his wish, but it wouldn't be a fight between him and the cripple with his nurse. No, it would be with the Demon Hunter and the fallen warden. She shoved back hard and into the portal they went flying. They both let out wails of anger and battle but the suction of the passage gave them no sound until they surfaced on the yellow sands of the desert. 
Trayle's elbow came back and slammed him in the cheek hard, he let out a growl of fury and as she scrambled to get away from him and regain her bearings after teleporting he dived onto her. His fingers locking in her purple tresses as he knee bore into back, pining her down as he looked around for the blind traveler. He could hear nothing but his own breath and the muffled growls from his captive. 
Shaking his head he pulled the knife from the woman's own hip and lifted her head from the sand, as she spit out heaps of sand he placed the blade to her neck. He didn't have time to press the blade into her flesh before his neck snapped. Trayle flipped over and tore her dagger from his lifeless hand and continued to cough out puffs of sand while Ovan searched the deceased. 
"Thank you." She croaked. 
"Get on your feet, it seems you're still not back to your capacity for battle. You will begin training in the morning. You're no use to me dead."


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These two really need a break. O_o;;

Will they ever stop being hunted, at least for a few days?!

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