Steady Breath



"Damn twig..." Feathermoon Strong was far to close for her to make any added sound. Trayle moved smoothly through the forest of Feralas, all of her senses at a great height while she kept an eye out for Sentinels. She had strayed from Ovan and Elunaara, hoping that if someone was to see them she would be able snatch them before they could send out a warning that the Demon Hunter and the Betrayer had made their way to these lands. 


With her glaive gripped in one hand and the dagger Ovan had given her, Trayle's eyes remained fixed on the direction of the stronghold, waiting for anyone who may be on patrol.The thought of killing Sentinel's was a difficult grasp for her, but as she had killed one of her sisters before, she was willing to do what was needed to keep -him- safe. Even if it meant taking the life, no life was more precious to her than his, not even her own.


Promise me Ovan, when they come for me and I face my execution, you will -not- come for me... You will let me face my fate ~ I will not.


Trayle did her best to shake the memory of the conversation from her thoughts, she needed to focus. The abandon temple was not far, and he would be waiting for her there. The grips of her blades were heated from the tension she held them.