Shadows of the Void 2nd entry

Other characters: 
*a baby crying*
Bell tossed in her bed, sweat beading on her head, grunting as she wrestled with her exhaustion to open her eyes. “Ho-Hold on…” She groaned twisting in the wrapped linnens that tangled around her. “I’m coming… Just-” she clattered to the floor ripping the drapes from the canopy that hung over her bed.
*the cries grow more agitated*
With a growl she flipped back the mane of onyx, half soaked in sweat, dreadlocking together in a mass of knots and curls. Pursing her lips she finally kicked hard at the covers balling them at her feet as she scrambled to ge away from them. “Why can’t the manor be somewhere warm?! Fel sucking blankets." The cry resonated louder and she answered "I am on my way!”
Huffing as she pulled on her robe, she fastened it at her waist shaking her head. Lucius never woke up at at night anymore, he must be having a bad dream. Her hand slipped as her sweaty palm slipped over the door handle slicing her hand on the protruding key, she hissed at looking at how deep the cut was. Convinced the devious knob was not taking her down so easily, she opened the door with conviction. Entering the nursery, Bell found a figure rocking the screaming child in the darkness.
“Lydia, you didn’t have to get up, I said I was coming…” Her eyes adjusted and saw the figure was a man, her stomach dropped as panic rose in her, a heat seemed to swarm her as she struggled to find her tongue, to say anything. “Es- when did you get- Here, give me Lucius please and let me explain.” The man was silent as she bustled around to reach for her son. But it was not Esmond who sat in the rocker nor was it Lucius cradled in his arms. The visible nightmare took the breath from her as if slammed in the chest by a mace. Instantly she felt dizzy, the priestess blinked over and over, as her eyes blurred from the shock taking over her.
“Drak?…” Her voice came out as a bare whisper, the man who changed so much for her. Who destroyed so much for her, rocked gently in the old wooden chair, a swaddled child laying in his arms. His eyes glowed green, fel touched not natural like the child she bore, or the husband she once knew. The scent of sulfur and ozone filled the room, as tendrils of faint shadows wafted from the robes he wore.
“We were going to be happy Bell, the three of us. You, me… Ava.” The words cut her like a dagger through her heart, she fell back against the crib, her bleeding palm clutched to her mouth to muffle the shaking breath. “You forgot us didn’t you? Us and the pumpkin patch. How I took care of you after…” He smiled and bounced his arm looking down at the child. “But then you got selfish” he hissed lifting his eyes alone to leer at the trembling woman “You -had- to save your precious friend… Caleb, oh how he needed you.” every word dripped with acid and disgust “And then you met your beloved Esmond… You wanted her dead!”
“No…” Tears slicked her cheeks as she shook her head
“Yes! Yes you did! You used your powers to kill her from within so you could lay on your back for him! To be his whore! So you could have your precious warrior’s child! You wanted Ava to die! And she did!” He stood up and pulled the blanket back enough for Bell to see the child swaddled in the pink wool was a rotten carcass of a newborn. Stomping towards her as she crumpled onto the floor he bellowed. “It won’t be long little Bell, soon you will be as corrupted, and sick, and rotting like us… You’ll finally be a mommy to your little girl. You will not ignore your responsibility to your true family anymore!" Drakile started to shift from, dropping the dead child onto the floor as his body cracked and creek but as it attempted to transform into a worgen pieces of his flesh slipped off him in chunks, landing on the floor with a wet squelch.
Covering her face Bell screamed “NO!” falling to the wooden floor sobbing as she tried to shield herself from whatever harm he might do. A hand reached for her shoulder and the terrified woman flailed a swinging hand “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME YOU FILTHY SCOURGE!” Lydia looked down at her in shock, behind her a maid held Lucius close as she tried to distract him with a stuffed lupine doll. Quickly Lydia turned around and silently ushered the woman out, instructing her to get Lucius far from his mother. Bell looked around the now well lit nursery and shook like a trembling leaf. Her eyes widening as Lydia bent down and gripped her by her forearms, sobs broke her voice, “Oh-OH! Lydia, I didn’t-”
“No deary, you didn’t get me, come on now, let’s get you into your bed and get you something to settle your nerves a little.”
“I was- I wa..” She scrambled to her feet pulling her robe off and whipping her hair over her shoulder, the shadow traces were darker, and slipped down between her shoulder blades “You… You’ll have to start restraining me in my sleep Lydia.” Trying to sound as strong as she could the fear was evident in every word she spoke.
“Yes my dear, I will make sure you are always safe… Don’t worry." With as much comfort she could think to offer the woman who witnessed a horror she could never comprehend she said softly. "Esmond will come soon.” She pulled the heavy robe back onto Bell’s shoulders, trying to mask the tears she herself was holding back, seeing the child she raised facing what was going to end her. Lydia moved Bell to her room, tucking her in as she had so many times when she was a child in her care, she kissed the woman’s brow and left her to slip into a hopefully peaceful slumber, closing the door behind her. As the latch clicked, she fell to her knees using her own sleeping gown to muffle the sobs shaking her head, never feeling as helpless as she did at this moment.