Morning Blood

Other characters: 
some violence

The sounds of the animals moving through the Basin was soothing, the soft pads of prowling cat paws striking the ground, the rhythmic grinding of herbivores grazing. It was a peaceful setting, and had done its job in creating the perfect cradle for the fugitive pair to heal and gather back their collective strength. But too long had they sat idle, and the lax atmosphere had made them softer than before. Surely if Trayle and Ovan were to face Calt again, they would surely fall, seeing as how last encounter left the warden near death when she had been at peak physical condition, and now she adjusted to life without one of her lungs. 

The time to depart the haven had come, and they needed to make their way back to their homelands and return to their mission. First however, Trayle felt the need to prove to her that she could hunt, that she could still maintain her role as the mate to her demon hunter. She found a meadow where she watched a young bull rhino grazing, all the rest of his herd was several yards away, the warden knew the young bull's horns would make for the perfect grips to the new glaives Ovan was setting out to make and the meat would keep them fed for days. Warden's magic was long gone, so blinking to him was no option. She snuck up to bull and with one swift motion she whipped her own glaive around and slashed his throat open. The poor creature bleed out, and Trayle thanked him for his sacrifice to their cause, she knew she had a few hours, so she took her time cleaning the kill and taking what she needed (the horns and the best pieces of meat). 

The sun had moved through the sky a bit before she was finished, after leaving the remains for the local wild cats to feed on and washing off the blood from her arms she head back to camp. She was to wake her mate, and set out with him to continue their mission. Something stopped her however, they had been good at covering their tracks, but she knew the signs. It was the heavily patted mound of earth that set off alarms and made her heart swell into her throat; with a trembling hand she reached down and felt the still blazing hot remains of a cooking fire. Trayle stood quickly looking around for signs of their path, it was the sliced off branch that gave away that they had taken the path towards the camp... towards Ovan. 

"No..." The warden whispered and dropping her bag she started running, her missing lung became painfully obvious. Every breath burned, and she seemed to swallow and gasp for air harder than she ever had before. Her muscles burned in pain, the clarity that she was still not up to par was a fleck of a thought, because all she could think about was how desperately she needed to save her love. With a growl she erupted in feathers and took to the sky, knowing that as hard as she was panting there would be no way she could make a sneak attack on whomever was coming for them. No, the bird's flight was her best option, no matter how bad the strain was on her body. 

It wasn't long till she found them; two Sentinels perch above Ovan, Trayle could only assume the delayed attack is thanks to them waiting on the warden to return. She wasted no time, first finding a safe place in a clearing to catch her breath. It took longer than she liked but she was finally ready, she skulked through the tall grass and found the two crouched.

"Are you sure she didn't die? I can't imagine her leaving him alone for this long." One of the Sentinels said in a soft whisper.

"I'm telling you if he had lost his mate, he would have slaughtered half the warden's by now, Gentlemist is alive... Maybe she went out scouting for a new location..." 

Trayle smirked as she listened to the series of assumptions the two had made, almost laughing and nearly outing herself as one of them came up with the idea that Trayle had taken a human lover at a nearby camp and used the time Ovan napped to have secret meetings where they made passionate love. The warden had, had enough and was growing annoyed she sprang from the tall grass and gripped one of the Sentinels by the back of her head. Long slender purple fingers twined in green tresses and a dagger slid into her bottom of her jaw piercing up into her mouth. The woman flailed and let out a gurgled yelp of miserable pain while the other stood and drew her glaive.

"Uh-huh. You lay that weapon down and kick it off the ledge. Or I swear on my life I will..." She slid the dagger further up, the woman's tongue clearly being severed as gushes of purple blood coated the warden's hand.

The on lookers screamed and nodded scooting her weapon off the ledge of the cliff, her eyes remaining fixed on Trayle.

"How did you find us?!"

"Word travels and the humans that helped you... They knew something was different about Ovan. They asked around enough that we got word in Kalimdor."

"How many are coming." When the woman didn't answer Trayle wrenched her captive’s mouth open so that the observer could see she was close to piercing the roof of her companion’s maw.

"EVERYONE! You two must be stopped after all you have done! After all those you have slaughtered, you have to pay the price for your crimes Warden! We're the scouting team... Please, she's young still; you don't want to take her life Trayle!" Plans started to flood the Warden's mind, how would she get them to safety, where would she be able to convince Ovan to go. Her eyes remained fixed on the woman before her and seemed completely unaware that there was a struggling and kicking elf pressed hard against her chest.  "Warden... If you turned yourself in, it would buy -him- some time, and you would get a quick execution... They would show you mercy, and he would be safe, even if it was just for a little while longer." The words seem to pierce Trayle deep, a clean death, Ovan having a chance to escape and throw off the hunt for him long enough that he could remake his glaives; there was a lot of promise in what she was offered. 

Testing her limits the observing elf reached out her hand and placed it on the shoulder of the torn warden, but the touch made something snap in Trayle. If she left now she would never have a chance to tell him bye, to feel his touch, or kiss him one last time. She would never know truly if he would really be safe in her absence and knew that if she surrendered, Ovan would never respect her. A look of blazing hatred rose in her eyes, and she shoved the blade fully into the woman's head, grey matter spilled from her mouth as Trayle ripped the dagger out and let her body fall to the ground, before the woman's partner could reach the warden shoved her dagger deep into the woman's jugular and stared at her as she bled out. 

"The only way I abandon him, is when my life is finally taken from me in a fight. I am not a coward. Let them come. I will usher them to the afterlife right behind you." She ripped the dagger again from a dead Sentinel's body, and let her too fall to the ground. Trayle raced back to where she had left her belongings and then made her way back to Ovan.

She woke Ovan carefully and gave him a skin of water and some berries she had picked, as he ate she placed her hand on his chest and smiled at him. "I am ready Ovan, we do not need to waste anymore time getting fat and lazy. I am healed and I can fight... I will not hold you back any further." Ovan nodded and kissed her forehead clasping her hand to his chest.