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Feathermoon Sentinels were a buzz, as the shift ended, the on duty warriors met in the mess hall for their dinner. Waiting in the tail end of the line was Mar'gah, her long nails rapped rhythmic against the steal plate as she waited for her turn, she was thin still very young, her white tresses braided neatly and draped over her shoulder, while her friend and training partner It'dalli was less composed, and seeming more fixated on the dinner than anyone else.


With a jerk Mar'gah shoved her elbow into her friend's side with a gasp. "That's her! The warden they have been hunting for!" She nodded to the parade of heavily armed sentinels marching in the distance, in the midst of them was the deadly weapon, Trayle. She was bound in every way she could be, her arms tightly pulled to her back cuffed at her biceps, her elbows, her wrists, even her neck and ankles. Her shackles contained every enchantment imaginable, drawing energy to keep her from fight, and from using any magic of any sort.


It'dalli looked up with a shrug narrowing her eyes. "It's a little over kill don't you think, she's just -one- woman."


"Over kill?! See all those dead bodies coming in?" Mar'gah pointed to the procession of twelve bodies, carried in by their sisters. "She slaughtered at least twenty of the sentinels before she was finally taken down. And even if -she- wasn't a threat... There's always -him-." The last sentence she said in a hush tone, eyes darting around to see if anyone heard her. "Her mate, the demon hunter Ovan Shadowcross."


The curious elf and her reluctant companion followed the caravan of soldiers, all maintaining a tight formation around the bound betrayer. They listened in on a private conversation between the captain of the team and her second in command.


"I want her kept in those bonds, do not let her out for a moment, and keep four guards on her at all times. The wardens will be here in two days time to collect her."


"What is her fate?"




Mar'gah peaked over a hedge to sneak a peak at Trayle, up close she could see the restraints were burrowing into her flesh, deep purple blood would seep with every move she made. Her head hung low, but it didn't seem she was doing it in shame, but rather in meditation. Her body was torn and bruised, a trail of blood poured from her lips pooling on the ground just below her knees. It'dalli now captivated by the warden, whispered to Mar'gah. "She -killed- over twenty Sentinels? She looks the blink of an eye away from death herself."


"Come." Coughed Mar'gah, together they navigated unseen through the stronghold, finding the make shift morgue, they found them, the bodies that Trayle left behind. Guiding her friend by the wrist they found two bodies who already smelled of rot. "They found these two in the forest yesterday morning. They were scouting around... Never came back. You see there..." She pointed out long razor thing gashes, inches deep in the deceased elves necks and chests. "Those are tell tale sign of a wardens attack, quick, effective, and lethal." They moved around the bodies, some had simple wounds, others showed signs of a struggle, and one girl was missing her head entirely.


"Why would she do this? She's suppose to be a Warden, she's suppose to be one of the most dedicated and elite soldiers of our kind... How did she fall?"


"I'd say it was love... Whatever happened between her and Shadowcross was as deep and true as any bond may. But it's a bond that in time will cost her, her life."


With peeked curiosity It'dalli looked to her friend crossing her arms over her chest. "If she was this dedicated to her mate, should we not fear he'll come for her? She killed twenty-six of us before we brought her down. Who is to say what a demon hunter will do to free the woman he loves?"



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The things we do for love.

Like kill two dozen of your own people before getting bound and gagged and thrown into prison.

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oh it is true about the things done for love..... my priest knows taht one all too well

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I would do anything for love!


...But I won't do that.

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