Blindfolds and Scratches

Sexual Situation

The sunlight acted as a halo shining around Ovan while he sat on the edge of the bed dressing himself, Trayle laid on her side propped up on her elbow, draped in the sheet. She watched him silently, there was no more reasoning with him, he was set on what he -felt- he must do. Her mind drifted recalling what incited this splice, Ovan feeling he had to go on his own, sending his team of Druids off to go into hiding while he finished his training on his own. 


I lost to you, if I cannot defeat a single warden, then my training is not complete. ~ Keep my blindfold until I come back to challenge you, the next time we fight I will win it back.~ As long as you wear it around your neck, you will always be my mate.


Her fingers glided over his back, sliding over deep scratches. Ovan grabbed her wrist and pulled her across the bed with a jerk. Trayle pulled the sheet around her clutching it with one hand tightly to her breast, the black cloth draped around her neck. Silver eyes met empty mangled sockets, and slender fingers found his cheek before snaking down to his chest, till his heart beat against her palm. A moment of tenderness came more naturally than before, a parting kiss was given, Trayle prayed to freeze him in time till he came to reason. But life continued, the demon hunter moved off the bed and slipped his hood on. He took a moment to cup her cheek in his hand one more time, he took in the warmth of her skin before walking out, leaving a sullen warden frozen where he had left her.




Hours later she emerged from her room, clad in druid garb and the blindfold. Surlain was already waiting for her, meeting his Thero'shan with a nod. With a frown her watched her fiddle with the black cloth, shaking his head in clear disappointment. Trayle didn't shy away, pretending for a moment she was unsure of her devotion to Ovan. 


"We will be flying, where is the student you mentioned?" Surlain asked as he looked at a map, seeming too irritated to look at his own student directly.


"I do not know, I have not seen her in a days time, but when Ovan left this morning -" Surlain looked at Trayle with a raised brow, without missing a skip she continued her speculation "- he did not mention permitting anyone else to join him on his pilgrimage, so I would assume she will be close by."


"Come, we fly to Stonetalon." 


"Yes Shan'do."



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Look at dat.


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So bloody...


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Warden sechs is best sechs. But seriously, a good read, as always.
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